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New Eye of Judgement Screens |

You can find a whole batch of new Eye of Judgment images here along with some screens of Warhawk & Genji 2.

Below is a video of the E3 presentation of Eye of Judgement:

That’s one powerful duck.

I’m very intrigued by this game. It looks like it could offer something vastly different from the usual mix of FPS, racers & beat em ups on offer at launch.

When the game was previewed at E3 there was no lag present between you placing the card, doing the actions & what occurred on screen as a result, which is going to be vital when you place more cards on the grid.

I just hope there are enough variations between the cards & what they contain both offensively & defensively.

More info should be revealed at TGS when Eye of Judgement is playable. I’m keeping my fingers crossed they pull this off & it actually is fun to play.

I just wish it actually was Yu Gi Oh though! Now that would be awsome!

Sony’s Game Convention 2006 Lineup – Screens

  • Remember that scene in Star Wars where Chewbacca is playing a holographic game against R2-D2? That’s what this reminds me of.

  • Pah…

    it should be the REAL DEAL with Magic the Gathering (I used to play that a lot some years back)… All that Anime Card game crap is sooo… crappy?

    R2… I suggest a new tactic… Let the wookie win!!!