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Fight Night Round 3 Confirmed for PS3 |

EA Canada’s Fight Night Round 3 has been confirmed for the PS3 & is set to appear around the PS3’s launch later this year.

The game will include a couple of exclusive gameplay elements for the PS3 version that weren’t present in the Xbox 360 version: a first-person view called Get in the Ring & a new damage system.

The ESPN Integration system will also make an appearance in the PS3 version, which means you will get updates, news, podcasts, and ESPN video clips.

Boxing games cause me headaches for some reason. Some gamers get motion sickness from playing FPS but I get it from playing boxing games. I might give this a miss…

Fight Night Round 3 Confirmed for PS3

  • I rented FNR2 for PS2 last year… I didnt like it either…

  • I’m completely addicted to the analog-sticks mechanism that this game offers, it really gives you a full almost-real control of the punches.
    I loved FNR2 on the PS2, and spent whole nights with FNR3 on the XBOX360. Every boxing-game lover will tell you: this is the best one out there.

    Can’t wait to see the get-in-ring first person view (maybe similiar to what you get on some hard-punches, on the 360, where for a few seconds you get to either defend of knock-out the opponent from a first-person view)… oh my, I guess more nights without sleeping are coming!