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Kaz Hirai Interview | has an interview with SCEA President, Kaz Hirai and he is understandably upbeat about the PS3 meeting it’s launch deadline.

Kaz once again says the PS3 will be around for 10 years, however this doesn’t mean we won’t see a PS4 within 5/6 years though. The PS2 has been going for over 6 years & it will still be supported for at least another year so it’s quite clear what Kaz is saying when he says “the PlayStation 3 is going to be a console that’s going to be with you again for 10 years”.

He also defends the decision to include a BD drive in every PS3 arguing that the extra storage space will prove vital in the long term for the best gaming experience.

I have to agree with him. Resistance is already using more than 20GB with a rumoured end usage of 30GB+, and people may argue that it isn’t being compressed or the extra space is being taken up by needless extra content, but we will soon see more & more games using the extra space that BD offers & long term, it is an advantage over what the 360 or Wii can offer.

Kaz Hirai Interview

  • The “non-compressed-textures” argument is sooo much bullcrap, I cant stand it anymore…

    If you’ve ever compared textures in games, you ALWAYS see big differences… Look at the textures in Half Life 2… They were BAD! Oblivion… The same! But it was “disguised” through good graphics… I prefer non compressed content ANYTIME (I do much video stuff, so its clear…).

    Man… Think again, if the devels have less boundaries, they ARE likely to use more than 8.5GB (no NOT 9GB!). And also, you can NOT compare gamesizes of PC and Consolegames. The content (pre install) is mostly compressed very efficiently (lets say 7zip, although its not being used in games, afaik), but gets uncompressed while installing. You CANNOT do this in console games, unless you sacrifice your good loading times (I dont want to install games on my HD on consoles prior to gaming… that sucks!) and you also get limited in many other ways.

    In the long run, the PS3 has a sooooo much better standpoint… I mean, ok, NOW DVD9s might be enough (although some devels already said, they had to cut content!), but in 1-2 years time, the barrier of 8.5GB will be breached more than once and the 360 Users will suffer hard from it (in Multiconsole games). They NOW say (I think, because they are jealous) “Its idiotic…” but just you wait… In 2 years they WILL chang3 their mind 😀

    Man, I hate fanbois!!

  • I hope you aren’t aiming those comments at me, Segitz! 😉

    I think BD is the ace up Sony’s sleeve with the PS3. It just has so much potential for improving games with the extra storage space that is available & there’s nothing that the Wii or 360 can do to combat that.

  • Nono… just the “usual suspects” 😀

    As I usually dont post in other console forumes (I just lurk around, because I hate all that kiddy crap), I post my “findings” 😀