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Kazunori Yamauchi Plays GT & Talks PS3 |

There’s a new Japanese PS3 site aptly named, PLAYSTATION3 Concept Site & on there you can watch two videos of Gran Turismo mastermind Kazunori Yamauchi.

The first video that you can watch here, has Yamauchi-san sitting in the most incredible PS racing set up ever, playing either Gran Turismo 4 or maybe even GT HD? How many of those set ups are there!!!!! 😯

The second video which you can watch here has Yamauchi talking about the PS3 but unfortunatley I don’t understand Japanese but IGN has kindly translated what was said.

Apparently Yamauchi-san was surprised with the resolution jump that high-def brings to the table & that gamers will also be surprised.

Physics will play a bigger role in GT HD thanks to the power of the PS3, with noticeable difference including the way grass & tree grows aswell as leave blowing in the wind. Could proper damage finally make an appearance?

Next up gamers will apparantley see everything that’s coming towards them from 100s of metres away, meaning that you can clearly see everything in the distance with nothing surprising the gamer out of the blue due to shoddy draw distance or pop up.

The next GT game will feature network play however this won’t just include online racing. Apparently millions of like minded car lovers & GT fans will be part of a huge community. What this means I have no idea but I bet Henning will be a part of this community…

There’s also some vague stuff involving revolutions & games being on a par with movies…

Kazunori Yamauchi Talks PS3

  • With all this added power, the next GT game better offer:

    1) Local 4 player support.
    2) Car damage!
    3) Better car AI.

  • Car damage is definitley a must but the car manufacturers aren’t so keen on having their prized models viewed in a damaged light.

  • Yeah, the AI DEFINATELY needs to be better… I mean, the A.I. is better than in lets say NFS and all the other arcade, but they just ride their optimal line and thats it… no mishaps and other nice things, all other good racing games offer (even the old Nascar Series by Papyrus offered that :D, gotta love it)

    Local 4 Player would be nice, but I only own one steering wheel 😀

    I want to build such a gaming rig too, but I have too little money… (one Recaro costs 500€ and more, depends…)… But when the time is right, I will have such a thing too 😀

  • darrin

    Wow, he listed some really cool additions. My favorites on his list:
    – Better physics + immersion
    – Better ambient graphics such as realistic trees, blowing leaves and grass, and realistic crowds. I’d also like better lighting: sunlight, street light, headlights. Plus night/dawn/dusk driving with sky effects and more realistic raid, wet road, splashing, snow, dirt, fog, and smoke.
    – Online is obvious and long overdue, but I’m glad they plan on adding online roster updates so you don’t have to wait 2-4 years to get updated cars.