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Half-Life 2 Trailer |

The Half-Life series is a complicated beast. Whilst the series has serious has prospered on the PC attracting massive critical acclaim it never really got off the ground on games consoles.

The original Half-Life was released in 1998; it took three years until it was ported to the PlayStation 2 and when it was released, it didn’t get the hype and fanfare it really deserved. Half-Life 2 followed in 2004 and pushed the boundaries of what people expect from their first person shooters even further. It took another year for a console version to be released, the sadly lacking Xbox version. With the release of the xbox360 occuring about the same time as HL2’s console appearance the game was again overlooked.

This time though I think Valve will get it spot on. Not content with releasing Half-Life 2, Episode 2 at the same time on both PCs and next-generation consoles, the PS3 and xbox360 versions will also contain the original Half-Life 2, Episode One, Team Fortress 2 and a particularly interesting new title- Portal.

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Anyway, sticking with the game’s primary focus, Half-Life 2 Episode 2 looks set to continue the story of Gordon Freeman’s attempts to save humanity from alien lifeforms. In this episode the focus appears to be much more on vehicles and a departure from the urban environment to countryside and forests. The latest High-Res trailer from IGN also shows the game will maintain its cinematic style and boasts the very impressive physics you would expect from a Half-Life game.

Personally I cannot wait, whilst it might look a bit like Coded Arms or Resistance it is worth remembering that this is still the benchmark. My laptop would never be able to do Half-Life 2 any sort of justice and the bundle of goodies that the console version will come with make the deal even sweeter! Anybody else looking forward to this?

IGN Half-Life videos

  • I have to admit that I’ve never really looked at Half Life. If it has some good multiplayer gaming, I might check it out. Tead Fortress 2 actually looks like fun as well, if not more so!

  • I’m really looking forward to HL2! I really enjoyed the first Half Life on PS2 and I haven’t played HL2 on my PC because I don’t do PC gaming & even if I did my PC would have problems running PONG because it’s that rubbish!!

    I’m looking forward to this game slightly more than Resistance: Fall of Man. Only because this is one of THE greatest FPS currently available.

  • darrin

    HL2 is good but not that good. I’d pick Tron 2.0 or Max Payne 2 or FEAR and possibly Prey (only played the demo) over HL2. HL2 has gorgeous graphics and physics and detailed environments and a few really well done combat scenes, but the story, dialog, scripted events, puzzles, and vehicles were all pretty poor.

  • Woah that’s some pretty crazy comments there Darrin. Choosing Tron 2.0, Max Payne 2 (which isn’t a FPS by the way) & a demo over HL2 is very surprising but each to their own.

  • darrin

    Sorry to knock your pick Gary. Yes, I loved Tron 2.0, but that’s probably not for everyone.