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Monthly Archives: September 2006

PS3 Menu Demo

September 30, 2006 | | 8 Comments

If you want to see what the PS3 menu will look like there’s a video of it being demoed by Phil Harrison for your viewing pleasure at GameTrailers.

He asked that nobody took any pics or recordings of it as … Read More

Rumor Patrol

September 29, 2006 | | 11 Comments

I’ve seen a few rumors running the rounds that I’d like to debunk:

  • 360 version of Assassin’s Creed has better AI than the PS3 version

Nonsense. If this were actually true, I would suspect someone, somewhere would be … Read More

The PS3 Live & in Person

September 29, 2006 | | 5 Comments

For anybody lucky enough to be in the Akihabara district of Tokyo, & more specifically the Yodobashi Camera outlet, you will be able to see a PS3 behind bullet proof glass (possibly) running trailers for Afrika, Heavenly Sword, Eye of … Read More

Resistance & Genji 2 Definitely for Launch

September 29, 2006 | | One Comment

There’s a very short article on MCV that has two very brief comments from the Ken Kutaragi & Phil Harrison that you may find interesting.

Firstly Kutaragi-san was asked if he was concerned that the 360 or Wii would outsell … Read More

Gran Turismo HD – HiRes Images

September 29, 2006 | | 5 Comments

Wow… The above 1080p screenshot is of GTHD’s premium mode at the Eiger Nordwand track in Switzerland. The track itself doesn’t look that stunning and lacks some detail and sheen (I mean it is only accurately modelled on a … Read More

5 Min Video of PS3 Test Unit

September 29, 2006 | | 5 Comments

I don’t know if you want to watch a video of someone opening and closing the PS3’s lid a couple times, but that’s what this video of the PS3. Some dude took a video camera and basically took some up-close … Read More

PS3 Games Completion Percentage

September 28, 2006 | | 7 Comments

Famitsu has a comprehensive list of PS3 games and how far they are towards 100% completion. None are at 100% despite them saying Ridge Racer 7 was only last week. Here’s the list in full: Fatal Inertia: 90% Gundam … Read More

New Assassin’s Creed Video

September 28, 2006 | | 15 Comments

Yesterday at Microsoft’s X06 event, Ubisoft showed off a truly breathtaking new video of Assassin’s Creed which is made up entirely of in-game visuals which shows Altair making his way through the city, scouting out his would be victim before … Read More