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PS3 Slogan: “This is Living” |

We made a lot of fun of Nintendo when they came out with the name of their next-gen console, the Wii. Now I guess it’s time for all the Nintendo fans to make some fun at Sony’s expense when it comes to Sony’s slogan for the upcoming PS3.

“This is Living”

Yeah, I know. Sounds kinda tacky. But once you watch the video, it’s not as bad. But still.

Here’s the YouTube version of the video:

And here’s a more hi-res one:

PS3 Slogan Revealed: “This is Living”


  1. I think and hope and pray it’s only for Sony Europe. It’ll get crushed in the States by the parody and name calling. Wii is already starting to suffer that.

  2. Flying PS3’s are cool and all, but ….. This is Living, lol. I hope that isn’t the US slogan.

  3. Børten

    Oh shit!

    If this is Sonys comercial headings, we’re i trouble!

  4. It is currently Europe only according to a Sony Europe spokesperson. In Japan they get the PlayBeyond campaign that was used at E3 this year- better than this.

    However, Sony Europe always come out with weird adverts- anyone remember this?
    Very, very odd.

  5. coolbreeze06

    yup kinda weak…ther is a better commercial up on game It is little better…

  6. Euro PS advertising, whacked out as always. I kind of like the font though, suggests a kitsch ‘Now we’re living!’ sort of mentality.

    And as Tom said, ‘The Third Place’ for PS2 was far stranger than this, didn’t hurt sales though!

  7. Will Titterton

    The Full Length Version of “This is Living – Real Time” can be found at if anyones interested

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