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Ridge Racer 7 Details Revealed |

The Ridge Racer series has traditionally been one of the mainstays of the PlayStation platform; always there for the big launches with a couple of other releases down the line. The PlayStation 2 incarnations (Ridge Racer 5 and- the Ridge Racer that wasn’t -R:Racing Evolution) failed to live up to the high standards set by the preivous titles, but the more recent PSP and xbox360 games showed a return to the roots of what originally made the game popular- high speed arcade racing.

Ridge Racer 7

This return to form should be completed with Ridge Racer 7, which is likely to be available at the PS3’s launch. Whilst we will have to wait until TGS (23 days to go!) until we can find out some playable details, Namco has released some information now, albeit in Japanese. Here’s what can be deciphered in terms of game modes:

Ridge State Grand Prix-
The main mode of RR7. 22 circuits (all available in reverse form as well) in a series of 160 races. Interestingly the player develops their own machine using credit from race victories

Online Battle
Players can compete against 13 other racers over the PlayStation3’s online network. There is also an option for Co-Op play in team battles, relays and pair time attacks.

Global Time Attack
Another network option whereby you, and a friend if you wish, can compete against the best times issued across Ridge Racer 7’s network.

The traditional “select a car, a track and then play” mode of Ridge Racer, it also incorporates a split screen multiplayer.

UFRA Special Event
These are special race events where you need to download data from the network.

Machine Connector
The car customisation section, the modifications can be to the exterior (Front spoiler, Side step + mirror set, Rear bumper + muffler set, Rear wing, Bonnet hood, Wheel, Paint (body, wheel and light/write optical color, color modification of window)) or the interior (Engine Efficiency, Engine changes, Tyre and suspension, Nitro kits, Rocket Starts). There are thousands of possible variations to the cars you race.

Ranking Browser
View your various Ridge Racer rankings as they stand on the network.

Whilst it might not look any better than Ridge Racer 6 on the xbox360, the game modes listed above, the customistaion and online features have me really attracted me to this title! It sounds like a great addition to the series.

Namco’s Ridge Racer 7 website (It’s in Japanese, but has more screenshots!)

  • thomas

    that looks absolutely insanly great !

  • I’ll have to add this to my list of launch titles to buy.

    Too many!

  • Completely OT 😀

    I just tested (somehow got never to it :D), if my 4 yr old CRT Monitor is capable of HD resolutions…

    And to my surprise, it can display ALL HD resolutions, up to 1080P at 60Hz 😀

    But, to be honest, I prefer 1080i (somehow it looks “better” to me) at the least.

    Just watched Elefants Dream in NATIVE 1080P resolution :D. Man, that ROCKS!! Although its just 19” it ROCKS!!

  • Francois

    Ridge Racer for the playstation 1 was the console version that had the most impact. The second best version I played was on the PSP. I hope the PS3 will revive the series, but I don’t think I will be buying it. I have high hope for Motorstorm.

  • I was a big fan of Ridge Racer 1 & 2 but I never got into any future RR games especially the PS2 RR so it will be interesting to see if RR7 turns out to be a blast from the past with some next-gen tweaks for my gaming pleasure.