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Fall Game Previews |

Both FiringSquad and IGN have recently done previews of the upcoming Fall games on all systems including the PS3. While there’s nothing really new here, these are great summaries of what is coming out.

The PS3 games look great, but for this fall, the biggest platforms with the most new quality games are the PS2 and the PSP. Each of those has at least five high quality exclusives.

I guess that is to be expected. It’s easy to forget with all the discussion and attention around the PS3, but the PS3 will focus on the early adopters and enthusiasts while the PS2 and PSP will still be Sony’s mainstream platforms this season. The PS3 is looking to make a very strong launch with a solid game lineup this season but many of the big titles aren’t slated for release until 2007. That’s probably the way it should be; it will give us something to look forward to and something to enjoy in the meantime. And of course, PS3 owners will be able to enjoy all PS2 titles.

FiringSquad Fall Preview
IGN Fall Preview