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Devil May Cry 4 Info in 5 Days!! |

Just a reminder for all DMC fans that it’s just 5 days until the Devil May Cry 4 website unleashes some devastating info! 😯

Check out the cool new logo aswell as these mysterious words:

From that day forth…my arm changed…and a voice echoed…Power…GIVE ME MORE POWER!!

Devil May Cry 4. OH YEAH!!

Hmm…..anyone want to take a guess as to what this could mean?

Maybe Dante is fused with the right arm of Vergil or Sparda? Maybe the more souls you kill the more powerful the right arm/sword gets?

Devil May Cry 4 info in 5 days!!!

  • Sounds like Dante’s gonna have a bit of Siegfried/Nightmare from SoulCaliber going on.
    Hope Virgil is playable in this one with some co-op. Can’t wait for this game! I’m going to play Dmc1 and 3 all over again in preparation for the 8th.

  • Extra Terrestrial

    I think the arm could be the aspect that will change the game as we know it. Is the possibly of a Devil arm and a ‘normal’ arm in consideration such as – instead of an energy or power meter on the screen – the energy levels on the Devil arm could change colour/size instead of the usual on-screen icons?

    I noticed that after looking at the logo a little bit closer, perhaps Dante has got a sort of Devil arm like Krauser.

    The silhouette of Dante looks like his one arm could have a sword or something attached to it, which probably means that we will play as the ‘ordinary’ Dante for some of the game before he changes to his devil form or some other change where his arm becomes the devil form if you know what I mean.

    I reckon it has something to do with Vergil again, look at the colour of the “4”.

    I reckon the voice is Sparda or even Vergil after watching the rather entertaining finale on DMC3; I certainly hope it is more relevance to the original game and the characters within as it has been quite a while since we visited the series roots.

    I just really hope that the game is a little bit harder or simply offer an alternative mode after you complete Dante Must Die mode and get something where you have to rely on complete and utter skill to get through the wishful mode.

    The prospects of switching styles real-time or have an eight way directional attacks is too good to be true but judging from the teaser on the website, we do not have to wait very long for some information.

    Long live Devil May Cry.

  • *hugs Fleakitten*

    *hugs ET*

    Welcome my friends!! 😀

    My vision of DMC4 is this:

    Take the atmosphere, attitude & charisma of Dante & the bosses he fought from DMC, add in the multiple styles from DMC3, make the styles switchable in real time at any point during battle & make Sparda a playable character as an unlockable extra after completing Must Die Mode but make it so Sparda’s story is actually his own & unique rather than just have Sparda’s form doing the same missions as Dante.

    Maybe motion-sensor use could be incorporated into Dante’s moves?

    I’ve always wanted Dante to live in a fully living breathing city, running his demon hunting agency when let one night Hell & it’s occupants break out from beneath the City & Dante is our only hope!!

    The environments are fully destructible meaning you can blast enemies through walls, doors etc while following the enemy through the newly formed hole, racking up the combos kicking demon ass!!!

    Dante eventually makes his way down to Hell battling all kinds of demon scum. Eventually he reaches his destination but before he can take out the final boss (maybe The Devil himself?) he is faced with over 1,000,000 demon scum.

    During this epic battle Dante is on the verge of being overwhelmed when all of a sudden a lone figure can be seen cutting his way through demon after demon. IT’S SPARDA!!!!!!!

    He tells his son to go & kill The Beast while he continues to cut his way through the remaining 1000s of demons.

    Words cannot describe how much I want DMC4!! Just 6 days to go!

  • billyLo

    That new logo kicks ass.