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Sony unveils official Euro PS3 site |

Today Sony unveiled its official PS3 website. Continuing the spirit of “This is Living” the site has a number of features basically aimed at garnering interest in the PS3. There are a number of “stories” told via film which aim to highlight how the PS3 is different from both the PS2 and its competition, so far only one has been unveiled, “realtime”, but there are another 5 to go, “storage” followed by “motion”, “process power”, “high definition” and “cinematic production”.

Realtime discusses the concept of how spontaneity has been the reserve of real life events. Two boxers spar against each other in real life, thinking quickly and learning from each other’s behaviour in order to take advantage. Similarly the video goes on to suggest that until recently entertainment consoles have been the equivilent of punchbags, predictable, with every movement planned in advance. Where can you replicate these realtime experiences? The video answers with “PlayStation 3”.

The website reveals that 7 bluetooth PS3 controllers can still be supported at once by the console. It also highlights other features including the ability to use standard laptop HDDs for upgrades. You can tell there is a lot of scope for updating in the site, and it’ll be worth checking back on regularly.

There is also further information on the games of PS3 tying in with new screenshots, such as the one of the now renamed “Formula One Championship Edition” above. It’s all for marketing purposes, but the whole website makes for quite an interesting read.

The official PLAYSTATION3 website

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  • He… just thought about 7 controllers…

    At E3 everbody shouted, that it can only “do” 4 Pads, as there are only 4 (1-4) LEDs in each pad…

    Now… If 7 is right, then why dont they just make pad 5 lite 2 LEDs (4 and 1) and pad 6 (4 and 2) and pad 7 (4 and 3), which then all equal their respective “connetion”

  • Yup, you beat me to it! With four lights, the possibilities are endless!!! (Well, actually, with four light you can 16 states, but anyway.)

  • Tom

    I was thinking that too, guess we’ll know soon enough though!

  • That website is rubbish! Too overcomplicated & slower than a one legged turtle dozed up on sleeping pills!!

  • In the video, the beginning shows a flat, which REALLY resembles the campus of the University of Stuttgart (except the Chapel to the left)…

    I couldnt go on watching, the site is tooo slow…

  • They should’ve left the website the way it was. Change isn’t always good.

  • The German site says, the controller is wireless AND bluetooth!! (Man, the translator NEEDS to get fired!! He says “Wireless (WLAN) Bluetooth Wireless-(WLAN) connection to the PLAYSTATION3 via Bluetooth! (REALLY, I translated that word for word, even the brackets!!!!)

    I cannot believe it!

  • luke

    7 bluetooth controllers on one system is so cool/convenient/excessive/unecessary. i love it.