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Devil May Cry 4 Scans |

Click for larger sizeThere’s just 2 days to go before we find out some more info about Devil May Cry 4, but in the meantime Jeux France has some DMC4 scans from Famitsu to keep us going.

It’s a little difficult to read Google translated French but I’ll share with you what was said & there’s some shocking news.

Click for larger imageThe game will take place after Devil May Cry and before Devil May Cry 2 but, and this is the shocking part if it’s true, Dante will not be the main character of DMC4. Instead that honour goes to Nero! 😮

They can’t do this to me!!! Dante has to be the main character in DMC4! 😮

Anyway, Nero is meant to have a super powerful right arm that enables him to use demon techniques using Devil Bringer.

I’m guessing that “Nero” is actually Nelo Angelo that Dante fought in Devil May Cry? Nelo Angelo is of course Vergil, Dante’s brother from DMC3. If that is the case then I won’t be as gutted as initially was at the news but still…

Click for larger imageDante will be present in DMC4 but nothing is said about whether he will be playable or not.

There’s no word either about whether DMC4 will use the motion-sensor in the PS3 pad or not.

I can’t believe that Dante isn’t the main character is DMC4. I’m in shock! This is worse news than the PS3’s European delay!

Devil May Cry 4 Scans & Info

  • I hope this isn’t true, about Dante not being the main character. He’s the only reason I like the game and if he’s just gonna pop in and out while Nero take full stage, I don’t think I’ll even think about buying DMC4.

  • Woah! Don’t going saying that!! Playing as Vergil/Nelo Angelo could be a good thing and I’m sure Dante will be playable during the main game & possibly fully as an unlockable extra after completion.

    I’m gutted but I’ll still be buying DMC4.

  • Yeah. After looking over the screens I was gonna come back and say not to quote me on my previous statement, lol.

  • Extra Terrestrial

    The news of playing as Nelo Angelo is rather refreshing so as long as the story relates or involves Dante, I am happy. The gameplay will be the same too so there isn’t any disadvantages about DMC4 so far.

    I have also created a topic that will answer most of your questions too.

  • Nice work as usual ET!


    2 days to go people, although I get the feeling the major news has already came out…