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PS3 Planned Launch Numbers Compared to 360 Launch |

360 Launch Sales in late 2005
USA – Nov 25 Europe – Dec 2 Japan – Dec 10
November 2005 326000 (NPD)
December 2005 281000 (NPD) 500000 (Microsoft) 62,000 on launch weekend (Enterbrain)
2005 Total 607000 (NPD) 500000 (Microsoft) Slightly more than 62,000
103,990 by April, 2006 (Microsoft)

PS3 Planned Launch Shipments for late 2006
USA – Nov 17 Europe – March 2007 Japan – Nov 11
Launch Day in November 400000 100000
December 2006 ? ?
2006 Estimated Total 1600000 400000

A few caveats:

  • I assume the PS3 allocation ratio for 2006 would remain the same as the launch ratio which may not be true.
  • It’s suspect if Sony will meet their estimates for end of 2006 given that they’ve just dropped their launch estimates so much. It’s possible but it’s not a sure thing.
  • I couldn’t find reliable third party estimates for 360 launch sales in Europe. I quoted Microsoft’s own numbers which isn’t the most impartial measure.

This is really disappointing news. And did they have to blame it on Blu-Ray again? There was already enough anger and resentment towards Blu-Ray.

  • Keep in mind xbox 360 had massive shortages and still shipped 600,000+

  • And Sony will have massive shortages and will ship 1,600,000.


    But who knows how many Sony will ship? We won’t know until it happens. We can only guestimate until then. It’s interesting to see Sony’s priorities versus Microsoft’s. Sony seems to care more for the NA market than to make sure it gets a (near) simultaneous launch in Europe as well. By the end of 2005, Microsoft shipped 1,107,000 units in NA and Europe. By the end of 2006 Sony plans to have shipped 1,600,000 in NA, and none in Europe. (Using the assumptions Darrin listed.)

  • I think, Sony knows, what they are doing, when they only offer 100k consoles to Japan… Japan is NOT MS country… They dont have to fear them in their one home. The US however are fighting ground, that way, Sony rather buys into NA instead of JP

  • matt

    I think we all knew that they wouldn’t ship the amount they claimed at E3. It really sucks for the majority of the readers here, because the majority of you are in Europe. It will be interesting to see how clean they come when they make an announcement.

    All good points on the NA aspect. Sony really can’t afford to give 360 and Wii another holiday without losing a good portion of the market.

    All in all it probally won’t hurt them in the long run. A lot of people said that they weren’t going to wait for the 360 and many of those people now own the system.

  • And this really is the point I was making in my post