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Tony Hawk’s Project 8 Tricks Vid |

Check out this truly awsome video of how to pull tricks using the analogue sticks in Tony Hawks Project 8:

Oh man, I’m loving that! THP8 is definitley a must have for me when I get the PS3 next year! I wasn’t too sure how the Nail the Trick mode would play out during the game, whether it would spoil your momentum or not, but from the looks of that video I have nothing to worry about.

That was a nasty spill at the end aswell!

Check out what’s been confirmed for THP8 at the Tony Hawk’s Project 8 Website

  • Is nobody a fan of Tony Hawk’s?

    THP8 is looking great! At least you North Americans will get your hands on it this year.

  • Pffft.

    Sorry (no I’m not), but I don’t care about skateboarding games.

  • luke

    since thug 1 the series got kinda stale to me. my favorite part is just customizing my character. i spend alot of time doing that and i hope this game offers deeper customization than THAW because that game took a step back in that department.(except for the nike sb 🙂