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NFS Carbon Official List of Cars |

Henning has previously wrote about the cars, some official others unofficial, that would be drive-able in NFS: Carbon here and here.

NFS Carbon

Well IGN has a 2nd official list of cars that will be in Need For Speed Carbon:

Dodge Charger R/T (1969)
Plymouth Barracuda (1970)
Ford GT (2005)
Shelby GT500 (1967)
Corvette Z06 (2006)
Monaro Vauxhall VXR (2005)
Chevelle SS 454 (1970)
Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG (2005)
Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren (2004)
Mitsubishi Eclipse GT (2006)
Mitsubishi Eclipse (1999)
Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 (1999)
Renault Clio V6 (2005)

I hope Henning isn’t reading this with a mouth full of Coca Cola as he may need to get someone to give his monitor a good clean…

1st Official List of Cars in Need For Speed Carbon

2nd Official List of Cars in Need For Speed Carbon

  • thomas

    So why the hell no Ferrari’s?? That’s what we all want.

  • There’s still more cars to come. That isn’t the final list so no need to blow a fuse just yet. 😀

  • Jay

    finally, I about shit when I saw those muscle cars (Charger, Chevelle, GT500, and the ‘Cuda). I’m a big muscle car fan (I have a 1970 Chevy C10, it’s not a car, it’s a truck, but has a 400HP 350 in it and launches like a bat out of hell) and my dad use to own a ’70 ‘Cuda as well (though not a hemi, but he had dropped a 383 in it). Myabe they’ll put a ’70 Nova in there

  • tom

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