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Why the PS3’s European Delay Isn’t ALL Bad |

Not in Europe until March 2007I live in the North East of England, so when I heard on the radio at work that Sony was delaying the launch of the PS3 in PAL territories until March 2007 I had two contrasting emotions.

My first reaction was one of dismay. Stupid Sony letting us Europeans down again, discriminating against us! We always get the short straw!! BOO!!!!! 😡

Then I started thinking about what this would mean for us Europeans & the advantages we could gain from not getting our hands on the PS3 until March 2007.

Advantage no.1:

Come March 2007, there should be a much wider selection of quality titles ready for release alongside the PS3’s European debut.

Some people are saying it could be the greatest launch ever with the quantity & quality of games that could be available at the European launch.

This could also mean retailers might throw in a free game alongside the PS3 to get our money.

Advantage no.2:

Defective hardware is always an issue with the first 6 – 12 months of a consoles life. Having to wait at least an extra 4 months should give Sony the opportunity to iron out any faults that may have appeared with the North American & Japanese PS3s. In theory.

Advantage no. 3:

Sony may have some online teething problems at first & if that is the case, we Europeans should get a much smoother online experience when we finally get the PS3. Any glitches should be easily fixed with downloadable updates.

We should avoid whatever initial problems Sony have with it’s online service.

Advantage no.4:

The rumoured price of the 60GB PS3 in the UK was £425 but it was never officially confirmed. Sony may put the price of the 60GB European PS3 at £399 when it releases next year. Not much of a price drop but it is slightly easier on the eyes being under the £400 mark.

Probably wishful thinking on my part.

Advantage no.5:

We were guaranteed to get the short end of the stick with regards to the number of PS3s that would’ve been made available in Europe atthe now cancelled Nov 17th launch, but now the European launch has been put back 4 months behind the North American & Japanese launches, there may be a larger allocation of consoles made available in March.

If this does happen, we won’t suffer as many shortages as we would’ve done if it was launched Nov 17th.

My final thoughts:

If I had a choice between getting my hands on the PS3 this November or March 2007 there’s no doubt I’d choose November! Yes I’m dissapointed at what Sony has done but my mind hasn’t been changed. I decided a while back I’d be getting a PS3 & I’m not going to change my mind & buy a 360 or Wii simply because I have to wait an extra 4 months.

The above points may or may not happen, some are more likely than others but the main reason why I want a PS3 is because the games that I want are all on PS3 & unless every single one of them are suddenly made available on another console before March, a PS3 is what I’ll be getting.

  • Jesus Owns an Xbox and Wii

    You’ve gotta love Sony chimps.

    The Euro launch (whenever it happens) will be full of the same problems regardless.

    The Euro online servers won’t have been tested as there won’t be any mass market to test them (the same as if it launched in Nov)

    the machine is just as likely to break at Euro launch – PAL machines ARE different.

    Retailers aren’t going to give a free £50 pound game away…

    You’re still not going to be able to buy one at launch unless you’ve ALERADY pre-ordered it! Think summer… The unit they’re making are all about the US!!!

    There are no game worth buying at the Nov launch! Why do you think all of a sudden there’ll be loads more four month later in the UK? They’ll launch in the US first and still take months to localise.

  • Wow! You must have an incredible crystal ball or a degree in soothsaying to know all that WON’T happen!

    No games worth buying November, eh?

    So you know the official launch list for November do you?

    Here are some of the games that are rumoured to be available around the Nov launch:

    * Bladestorm: Hundred Years War
    * Call of Duty 3
    * Fatal Inertia
    * Full Auto 2
    * Genji 2
    * Lair
    * Madden NFL 2007
    * Marvel Ultimate Alliance
    * NBA Live 2007
    * NBA 07
    * Need for Speed: Carbon
    * Rainbow Six: Vegas
    * Resistance: Fall of Man
    * Sonic the Hedgehog
    * Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007
    * Tony Hawk’s Project 8
    * Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom
    * Warhawk

    Out of those, I’m interested in Resistance, THP8, CoD3, Sonic, Rainbow Six: Vegas & Lair.

    Compare that list to what was available for the launch of the PS2 & 360 and I think you’ll find that’s not too shabby at all. And they are all rumoured not confirmed, so let’s wait until an official list is revealed before we start spouting off rubbish.

  • At you still get a game for free if you preorder it now, with a deposit of 50€ (33Pounds).

    That aint all that bad, considering you get the premium PS3 with a game, compared to a launch PS2 with no game for 425€ (about 290Pounds).

    As the VAT will increase in Germany on the first of January from 16% to 19% (always already included in the retail prices, thats law in Germany) and the PS3 not being made more expensive (considering it already is much more expensive than in Japan or the US) by Sony AND my birthday being on April 15th, I can say, I am not too unhappy. We will get the launch the PS3 of a lifetime, although later!

  • Yet with the PS3 JUST launching in March ’07, you’ll still have to deal with supply issues and thus face about a 6mo wait to actually getting one which then makes you actually owning one around this time next year (unless you have a iron-clad guaranteed pre-order or a ton of cash to scarf one up on eBay for 2x its cost).

    Don’t worry, you’ll eventually get your George Forman Grill 😉

  • I already have a George Foreman grill though. 😐

    Oh right, you mean the PS3 that looks nothing like a grill. For shame, that “joke” was done to death ages ago. 😉

    It depends on how Sony handles the pre-order issue, which they now have a longer time to fine tune it & come up with the best possible way for the people who want a PS3 to actually get one.

    I never said there wouldn’t be supply issues but if you look at what Sony are giving to the North Americans (400,000) & Japanese (100,000) just how many would’ve been made available for Europe alone if the Nov 17th launch was still going ahead?

    We will definitley get more units in March than we would’ve got in November which is exactly what I said in my post above.

  • To our fanboi up there (just read it… sorry for double posting)


    There is a difference in the PAL and NTSC machines. It is a software thing, nothing more (the same goes for the PS2, albeit the PSU is different afaik). AND multinorm PSUs are not problem, as most products nowadays show (my Laptop for example).

    Online servers… Ok, so you must be quite a Network coder to say that… You know, things like copying dont come to your mind, dont they? As the network code will be the same bit by bit, and the problems the US and JP servers will have, are taken care off from Nov 11 on we benefit quite a bit from it. The only difference will be the location of the server farm, not the software.

    In Germany, the preorders are still rolling like theres no heaven. Even big (r)etailers like Amazon, Karstadt (big mall company, but not like Walmart) or even EBGames STILL take preorders that GUARANTEE you, that you will get a PS3 from the first batch sent out by Sony. AND, some of those even give you a game for free (Amazon giving you a game AND a 20€ gift card), which you choose yourself (not all, Medi Max only offers Motorstorm for example).

    No game worth buying at launch? So… First of all, what did MS offer at launch? Some crappy beta games like Madden or Fifa, or some “super good” games ala PDZ or Kameo… Come on.

    I will be getting Motorstorm and Lair at Launch… The graphics alone blow away ANYTHING that MS had in the first COUPLE of month around launch. The only “nice” game was Oblivion and as I have a PC, didnt trick me into buying a console from MS (which I really despise!!)


    Most german localisations are like… English speech and german texts… AND as was sooner predicted, chances are that the launch games ALREADY were localized..

  • None of those things were true when it came to the PS2 launch 6 months after it launched in japan, why would they be true this time? I don’t recall if ps2 launched in europe at the smae time it launched in us, I think it was after that even.

  • I think the PS2 was launched in Europe & the US around the same time.

    We’ll just have to wait and see won’t we.

  • There was a 1 Month difference from the US to the EU launch (October vs. November)…

  • darrin

    I’m glad to hear that some Europeans are optimistic. I’m in the U.S., so I have a shot at getting one in November, but I’ll probably have to wait a little bit. I’ve waited years for this thing; another couple of months won’t hurt.

    As long as it does everything it says it will, I don’t mind waiting until March. There are plenty of new PS2 and PC games to keep me occupied for quite a while. Bully and Guitar Hero II are on the top of my list.

    I hope they have some good news at TGS to counter this.

  • hollywooda


    [Henning: keep it civil guys!]

  • Tom

    I’m not to sure they’ll be able to iron out that many faults in four months, but lets hope that the PS3 has undergone some rigorous testing. Also prepare yourselves for a huge marketing push- ie. more This is Living for better or worse!

    Those of you in the states and Japan I’m jealously awaiting your reports on owning the console this November! Keep us Europeans informed of what rocks and what sucks!

  • Well atleast you guys in EU should atleast have alot more triple A games available at launch, like Heavenly Sword and DMC4 and Unreal Tournament. I think those have been pushed back to early next year.

  • The system was never going to launch in Europe in November. Sony have just been pushing the date back instead of telling the truth so people don’t go out and buy a 360 while thye are waiting.

    If they’d told the truth back in 2005 360 sales would be a crap load higher. But instead they keep the fanboys clutching on for another half a year at a time by inventing release dates closer than whats actually planned.

  • One word, History that’s all you have to do is look at Sony’s past history. Ever since their big premeire of the original PS system they have done nothing short of flat out lie time after time and leave loyal gamers and loyal customers broken promises time after time, not only in Asia, the US in Europe and most especially in the UK. They did it with the PS2, the PSX, now with the PS3 and most recently with the PSP. What I reallly can’t believe is they even went so far as to SUE their most loyal consumers, customers and retailers when they wanted their (Sony’s) products so bad that they were paying above and beyond the list price and importing them because they wanted their Sony products so bad and Sony SUES them ?? If that doesn’t tell you (your loyal customer/consumer) what kind of a company they are what will ?