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Devil May Cry 4 Website Goes Live! |

To see a larger Dante click me!I’m so excited it’s unreal!!! 😀

The official DMC4 website has finally gone live after an excruciating wait of 7 days and the first thing that hits me is the music. 😯

It’s fantastic & immediately brings back memories of the original Devil May Cry. It’s still playing in the background as I write this (and most definitley as you’re reading this).

Not a great deal has been revealed on the website except for the concept art you see here on the right hand side of the page.

It looks as though some screenshots will be up on the site Sept 15th (another 7 days wait!), well that’s what I take it to mean with the date inside the screenshot box.

If you click the image of an open book you can see some photos of the team working on DMC4 with special mention to the wall with a clock that’s surrounded by drawings of Dante/Nero.To see a larger Image of Nero click me!

There’s not much more to say about the website, I was hoping for a little more than what they’ve released but I guess we will know more after TGS, so check it out for yourselves here & enjoy the music!

There’s more though so keep reading!

Game Informer has three images that appear to be in-game footage, two of Nero & one of Dante overlooking a fountain. They look fantastic to me but I’m probably a little biased as I’m a huge DMC nut!!

It looks like Dante will be playable after all or maybe they will do what they did with the earlier Resident Evil games and let you choose between the two characters before you start the game, giving us two different story lines from both characters viewpoints. That would be cool!

They also have a 10 page DMC4 blowout in the forthcoming issue which is on it’s way to subscribers. Where do I get mine from??!!?

Devil May Cry 4 Images

  • I knew you were a big DMC fan, so I went to that website before even seeing this post! (I’m proud of myself.)

    I was struck by the total lack of any useful information. A big buildup to… what? An image of Nero and an image of Dante?

    What the…?

  • Extra Terrestrial

    Henning, the music alone made the seven day wait worth it.

    Good job Gary! You might want to nick some of my information from you-know-where if you wish.

  • 😀

    Not much info was revealed but it’s enough for people like me & ET to get over-excited about the same way you get excited about a list of cars 😆

    The music is incredibly sombre yet hints at the sheer epicness of the game & future battles.

    I really can NOT wait for this game!!!

  • babypheonix

    the site also said that they will up trailer september 23rd.

  • David Moyes

    It’s all in Japanese. I can’t read any of it. Why do Capcom have such blatant disregard for their customers?

  • Yup. The trailer will probably the one that will be shown at TGS alongside the PLAYABLE game.


  • Ok looks like Nero isn’t Virgil because Virgil doesn’t like using guns. I think Nero is another brother, i.e Virgil wears blue and Dante wears red, Nero wears both colors, coinscidence?? And from what I read over at the PS3Forums Nero is going to be up against Dante after Dante destroyed Nero’s demonic alies. So in DMC4 Dante is gonna be the bad guy.

  • True Vergil didn’t like using guns in DMC3, but saying as DMC4 is set after DMC3, Vergil may have changed his views.

    There’s been no mention of a 3rd son of Sparda so I will be surprised if Dante has a 2nd brother.

    I really hope we can play the game as both Dante & Nero, maybe we unlock Dante as fully playable after we complete the game with Nero.

  • Erin

    Does anybody know the name to the song playing on the site?

  • James

    I want to know still what song is playing on the original site. I have written them the inquiry and unfortunately still haven’t gotten a response. But then again I am not holding my breathe!

  • I will forward this post to my friends. Can I? Thanks

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