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PS3 Countdown 24 |

Gavin has released PS3 Countdown #24. In his entry announcing such, he says:

Is $600 really worth it? With only 77 days to go, the reality of the PS3’s price point is sinking in. After buying a game, picking up an extra controller, and buying a service plan for the shiny new console, it’s easy to spend more than $700 on the new PlayStation

I kinda look at it the opposite way. At launch time, I plan to buy something like this:

PS3, 3 extra controllers, 3 games

PS3 = $600
3 controllers = $150
3 games = $180

That’s a total of $930. Add taxes for a total of $1070.

The console’s price is still the largest chunk of course. But the console’s price premium over the competition, about $200 (or $100 if you get the more closely matched version), is only 20% of the total price of the system.

PS3 Countdown 24

  • Shane

    it’s not that much money for what you get. It’s not that much more than the 360 and you get.

    I’m getting the

    60 gig system
    1 extra controller
    1 game
    1 HDMI cable

    i figure i’ll spend a little under 800.

  • And who buys service plans?

  • Early adaptors like me. Because new hardware are usually prone to issues.

  • I find that any hardware I buy is usually covered by the in-store or manufacturer warranty. If something goes wrong with an electronics device, it doesn’t usually take long to do so. For example, the other day I hade my iSight camera repaired on my MacBook. Under warranty.

    I’ve only once bought a service plan for an electonics device, and it was wasted money.

  • Hm..

    When, in March, the PS3 finally makes its way to the EU, I will buy:

    1 PS3 (including 1 game for free, at karstadt/quelle with a 0% interest rate financing)
    1 Game
    and MAYBE 1 Controller (which hopefully my brother will pay for)

    That ends up for 720€

    I dont need an HDMI cable, as I already have a high quality DVI cable with HDMI adapters. The sound will be played via TOSLINK thru my CAT CS 907 Dolby Receiver.

    Service plan?

    Those things seldomly exist here in good ol’ Germany… You know why? Our law requires (from 1.11.2004 onwards) that ALL retailers (even commercial sellers at Ebay and all that stuff) that they give us a 2 years limited warranty on our goods.

    You can however additionally insure your goods for as low as 1€/month (up to 1000€ of value).

    So, I wont have sell my mom to get one 😀

    Perhaps you know CDWOW.NET? Its a nice retailer (the European store is in Luxemburg), which ships everything for free. The cool thing about that is, that you dont have to pay a) import taxes (as there are non for inter-european shipments) and b) no VATs (as you dont have to add VATs to wares, you send out of the country, meaning (in Germany) you ALWAYS save up to 19%).

    For example. At I pay 59.95€ for Final Fantasy XII preorder. At CDWOW I pay 48€… Thats 12€ less for a non reduced article… Pretty neat huh?

  • Sony better lower the price on their box in Europe. Since we have to wait for another 6 months before we can get our hands on the box. Also the lazy pricing (equaling $ 1 US with 1€) is a rip off imo.


    I was so burned on getting the ps3 this fall. :(:(

  • matt

    In the US you have to buy an extended warranty. The limited is usually only for a 1-6 month period and I don’t like to take risks on hardware that has movable parts. It cost me $200 for my $1800 HDTV (2 years) and $60 for my 360 for 2 years. Well spent , money IMO because to replace either of those would hurt.

    Also, spending $800 or more on a system is a ton of money. Unless you are making a few hundred dollars more than you need a week that is.

  • Sleepy, you need to concern that the US price is without taxes and the european is including taxes…

    In Germany (counting the new VATs of 19%) it would be 600€, but without taxes, the price would look like this…


    Google converts this to “504,20 € = 644,67012 US$”

    Ok, still more, BUT in Germany we ALSO get a 2 yrs limited warranty and a game (if you order at the right retailer!!)

    So, I REALLY cant complain about the price (concerning the US prices)

    The same goes for the 20gb PS3 in Japan. It costs 60000yen, which equal 402,73€. I dont know how the VAT is added there, but again, the price is ok. (Cant tell with the 60gb, as I dont know how much it is in Japan… Open retailer price and so…)

  • Steven

    Just a basic PS3 and one game will cost at least $700.

    Looks like I don’t have to worry about the shortage because I don’t plan to buy one at launch.

    But keep hyping up the short supply. How else are you going to sell the PS3 at such an exorbitant price?

    I’m hoping things will change in January.