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Xbox 360 HD DVD is Friggin Huge! |

Take a look at this video. Fast forward to halfway or so. It shows the Xbox 360 and the HD DVD add-on drive for the Xbox 360, side by side.

Notice anything? That HD DVD player is huge! It’s just as deep as the Xbox 360, and almost as thick. When you stack that together with the 360, you’ll definitely be taking up more space than a PS3. Not that I would care, I got enough room in my rack for stuff like that. But some people seem to think size is a big deal, so I thought I’d kindly point this out!

  • Wow that is huge, lol. And how would the load times be? You have to connect it via USB.


  • I’m too old. I think Rich is laughing at the size, but I’m not sure.


  • It’s USB 2.0, plenty of bandwidth.

    I don’t think the size is that big of a deal, being that it’s external and with a long enough USB cable you can put it anywhere and replace that aging DVD player. My audio/video components are in their own cabinet and my Xbox/Xbox 360 sit by themselves.

    If you think about it, the DVD drive in the 360 is about 2/3 the size of the unit, you’re only seeing the tray on the outside.

  • I totally agree that it’s not a big deal.

    I only pointed this out because so many people complained about the size of the PS3, so now I’m getting my revenge. Petty, I know. Sometimes I need to release some steam!

  • What I dont like about it, thats its an external system. Ok, what should MS do… They shipped too early 😀

    I mean, if I want to take it anywhere, I need to take a) the 360, b) its huge PSU and c) the HD Drive (dunno if it has ANOTHER PSU). With the PS3, I get EVERYTHING in one package, thats about the same size (these 1-2cm differences dont mean a thing!)

    My HiFi rack has the standard width of 43cm (all Sony receiver components and all that stuff is 43cms wide… My new HTPC is getting that size too, which I am building ATM), so no big deal here.

    Whats the most, USB2.0 can transfer? These 480mbits are bollocks… That would equal 60mbyte/s. My friends old external HD (3.5”) gets up to 25Mbps (but only in Linux, in Windows its max speed is about 20Mbps). Its enough for HD, BUT the longer the cable, the worse the transfer speed. Afaik USB 2.0 cables are only rated to 5meters, then they need a freakin expensive repeater unit.

  • hollywooda

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  • Tom

    The 360’s external HD-DVD will, in all likelyhood, come with an external PSU (the latest shots of the unit have a different plug from the first mock-ups- a DC socket where there had been an AC), but I don’t think it should be that bad.

    The price has been announced too £199.99 on its own in the UK or as a bundle with the Premium 360 at £374.99 or £399.99 (they’re yet to decide). The comparable PS3 package is going to be about £349.99 (ie. the Core PS3- 20GB HDD and no HDMI- just like the 360).

    If you’re American and reading this I’d predict you’ll end up having to pay somewhere near $300 for the drive on its own and somewhere between $550 and $600 as part of the bundle.

  • matt

    The size isn’t that big of a deal. I wouldn’t buy the HD-DVD add-on, or the PS3 for that matter, as a movie player.

    A Software based player are not as good as a dedicated player. I want the best and settling for a lesser movie player doesn’t work for me. It will work for a lot of people, but spending the money on a real player is not an issue.