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Analyst says U.S. PS3 launch shipments “should be roughly 80/20%” of premium/core units |

Gamsutra quotes a Lazard Capital Markets analyst that estimates a U.S. launch ratio of premium/core consoles at 80/20.

I can’t imagine that any of the early adopter consumers who would want a PS3 during the launch rush would want the core version so I’m glad the launch ratio is rumored to be heavily weighted towards the premium consoles. Keep in mind, that this is from an analyst which doesn’t always mean very much.

Is anyone here planning to buy a core?

Sony Updates PS3 Shipment Details

  • luke

    so the big question: you planned on getting the 60g but all they have left is the 20g. do you go with the 20g?i might cuz i think i could get by with the 20 although i’d rather have the 60

  • Isagani

    i wouldn’t even think a second about getting a 20gb version even if that was the only choice for launch day… i’d wait for a 60gb version because the 20gb version is already $500, might as well go another $100 on top of that for the 60GB to future proof the small possibility ICT may be activated on Blu-ray making the non-HDMI version not output at blu-rays full resolution; not to mention the wifi, memory card reader, and more hd space for all that hd video-my 360s 20gb is almost full already). Hopefully Sony hits their through the year numbers and maybe bumps that ratio up to 90/10 since these are early adopters.

  • I wonder where he gets his figures

  • The analyst actually talked to Sony to find out these numbers, according to the article.