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Insomniac Tour + Much more Resistance gameplay footage |

1UP toured the Insomniac offices and showed a lot more gameplay footage of Resistance:

The 1UP guys actually pressured the designers about putting in online co-op (as opposed to just split screen co-op and other gameplay modes online). I’ll agree that would have been nice, but split-screen is probably how most people play co-op.

I’ve never seen this much gameplay foootage before. The game looked great. I was particularly impressed with the monster melee attacks and how much detail was in the weapons and backgrounds.

Insomniac Tour and Gameplay Footage


  1. I like how the three guys stand around on the street analyzing what they saw. They take it so seriously!

    It looks cool, though. Personally, I could have done without some of the gorier aspects, but that’s life. Actually, wait! Not it isn’t! 🙂

  2. Chemical O

    I liked the monster melee attacks too, it looked fairly intense. But then I realized their would be no rumble and that kind of sucks. But the game overall looks great.

  3. The game looks very fun. I’ll be getting this launch day! Ya, it’s funny when that are analyzing it on the street, lol.

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