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Insomniac Tour + Much more Resistance gameplay footage |

1UP toured the Insomniac offices and showed a lot more gameplay footage of Resistance:

The 1UP guys actually pressured the designers about putting in online co-op (as opposed to just split screen co-op and other gameplay modes online). I’ll agree that would have been nice, but split-screen is probably how most people play co-op.

I’ve never seen this much gameplay foootage before. The game looked great. I was particularly impressed with the monster melee attacks and how much detail was in the weapons and backgrounds.

Insomniac Tour and Gameplay Footage

  • I like how the three guys stand around on the street analyzing what they saw. They take it so seriously!

    It looks cool, though. Personally, I could have done without some of the gorier aspects, but that’s life. Actually, wait! Not it isn’t! 🙂

  • Chemical O

    I liked the monster melee attacks too, it looked fairly intense. But then I realized their would be no rumble and that kind of sucks. But the game overall looks great.

  • The game looks very fun. I’ll be getting this launch day! Ya, it’s funny when that are analyzing it on the street, lol.