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Tons of New Motorstorm Screens |

News4Gamers has a ton of new MotorStorm images. Here are two of my favourite:

Don’t those look great? The second one is especially cool. For two reasons really. One, the image just looks really really nice. Nice textures on the terrain and sky. Quite a striking bit of scenery, really. But the second reason is just as impressive: did you notice how far you can see? In most racing games, it’s rare that you can see 100 meters ahead. There’s always a corner or hill ahead of you, blocking your long-distance view. But here, you can see way up ahead that there’s a slight right hand turn coming, and then a sharp left with a branch in the road shortly thereafter. I can’t wait to try out this track!

Tons of New Motorstorm Screens

  • Maffy

    I’m looking forward to this game even more everytime I see it, however, I think some of the images are not in game. Notice how some have ‘concept’ in the corner, like both the images you’ve linked. The obviously in game shots do not. The clouds on the first shot you’ve linked look painted.

    Despite this I admit its a great looking game, even better if its hard to tell concept artwork from the real thing!

  • Hmm, well.

    That’s shoots my argument out of the water.

  • coolbreeze06

    These are concept illustrations not gameplay…right?

  • Yeah, that’s what Maffy called me out on. I didn’t realize it at the time.