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What’ll Happen to the European PS3 Games? |

Hmmm. I just wrote this post singing MotorStorm’s praises because I thought some of their screenshots looked espeially nice.

But this got me to thinking, which in my case is a good thing. I don’t usually do enough of that.

Both MotorStorm and Forumla One 06 were scheduled for release only in Europe. Now that the launch date of the PS3 in Europe has been pushed back to March, what happens to these titles? They were two of the launch titles that I was actually planning to buy/import at launch. I doubt that these games will still be released in Europe only come November. So will they delay until 2007? Or will they bring these promising games to North America?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Tons of New Motorstorm Screens

  • coolbreeze06

    They will probably just have more time to polish the titles…Will heavenly sword still ship in Nov?

  • Liam


    I am gutted about the delay in Europe, I live in the UK and have been witing since March 2005! 2 YEARS before it is going to be released, we are always last so I know how you feel, no doubt they will release it in November, but I have another question, will a European game work in the US? and therfore can I import a PS3 from the US to use over here in November?



    P.S. Kepp up the good work!!!

  • It’s up to the publisher. I remember in an interview one publisher said that they’d have all their localized versions of their game on one BD disc. It IS possible to region-code BD movies (though the regions are different for BD than they were for DVD – Japan and NA are in the same region now). But whether or not games companies will region-code their games is a different question. IIRC, Sony said that they wouldn’t region-code any of their games, though I may be misremembering.

  • If memory serves me right the PS3 is region free. The content on the PS3 however can be region encoded. No furhter specifics were given afaik.

  • Darrin

    breeze, Heavenly Sword is scheduled for 2007 release. I don’t remember it ever being a 2006 title.

    Liam, I’ve been waiting for the PS3 for a while too, but another four months isn’t a big deal. Especially if they have adequate supply to make a really big launch. Plus, all the big 2006 Playstation titles have been targeting PS2/PSP.

  • luke

    i’m almost certain that motorstorm will see a us release, so im not too worried about it.

  • matt

    Hopefully when they launch in Europe in the spring they have millions of them so you guys don’t have to wait outside to get one. If their is any light at the end of the tunnel, maybe it will be a large launch shipment to satisfy all of you that planned on getting one this year.

    I had no intentions of getting one this year, and Xmas 2007 is still probally a stretch for me. I still think it sucks though because with only 400,000 coming to the States the chances of me getting one if I wanted to would be slim to none.

  • Jesus Owns an Xbox and Wii

    Of course they’ll relase PAL games in November for a console that doesn’t exist…

    Just as much as a US machine will play UK games!