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Wii to Launch November 19th in US |

Just in case you haven’t heard the news being blasted across the internet, here it is for you. Nintendo will launch the Nintendo Wii console in the US on November 19th for $250, bundled with a copy of Wii Sports. Games will be priced at $50. Downloadable games will cost between $5 and $10.

In Japan, launch date is two weeks later, on December 2nd. Cost is 25,000 Yen. There will be 16 Wii launch titles in Japan.

According to the Japanese Wii website, this is what people will get with their Wii:

* Wii hardware
* “Wiimote” controller and wrist strap (1)
* Nunchuck controller (1)
* Sensor bar
* Sensor bar stand
* A/V cable (unspecified connection)
* AC adaptor
* Hardware stand
* Hardware support plate (purpose of which remains unknown)
* 2 AA batteries

Interesting times…

Nintendo Wii launch details
What you get with a Wii (in Japan)

  • francois

    Wow It is going to be a crazy weekend for videogames fans and videogames stores! 250$ is a killer price. It is going to be a success ofr success.

  • Nick

    Wii is going to be a success. Have you guys taken a look at the Wii’s interface vids?
    Take a look

    The photo album thing looks so much fun, Sonys dashboard thing looks so stale and boring compared to this.

    Good job Nintendo.

  • coolbreeze06

    yup….looks really good. I know a lot of people wanted sony to change up their interface, but it works, I think they will change it a little for the PS3 but not very much.

  • Jay

    $250 eh? It’s cheaper than the PS2 and XBox launch price, oddly enough, but not onlt that, I still feel that in the end, the Wii will be considered too gimmiky as well as the PS3’s tilt controller. I’m still pulling for Sony though. Already have a 360

  • Nick

    Same here, Wii looks interesting, but the curiosity will die quickly…

    I mean, wii sports (which seems the best platform to show Wiis abilities) is going to be fun for like errr 10 min???

    I dont imagine myself moving my arms like a spaz for more than that time. Same goes if you have a friend. It will be fun for a while but the exitement of moving your arms around dies quicky.

    I hope Nintendo does good, but I fear this will be more of a testing lab for things that could potentially be implemented in future consoles. Nintendos mistake was to center everything around that feature.

    BTW I also think the sixaxis is no big deal, the difference is Sony is giving you a choice to completly turn off that function alltoguether. Nintendo doesnt.

  • luke

    I think this will be the last console i pick up of the big 3. Ironically, I’ll prolly wait till it drops in price.

  • Pc

    I have one friend that will be purchasing the Wii on launch day, so his house is where i will play it. I’m not going to buy one because i don’t really like Nintendo games that much. It’s all about the PS3….Me and all of my friends are going to wait in line for that bad boy !!!

  • Steve

    Yeah, I’m still not too sure about this Wii thing. I’ve had a lot of fun playing N64 and GC games, but overall Nintendo’s slant seems to be towards the younger generation, and I can only enjoy Mario Kart and Mario Party and Luigi’s Mansion for so long. Then I want to play some racing games, and there just aren’t any! How about a D&D-style adventure game? Nope. A little co-op shoot’em’up, a la GRAW? Out of luck. Music? Can’t play Frequency, Amplitude, or Guitar Hero on this toy. I think I’m going to have to decamp from Camp Nintendo and probably join Camp Sony.