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Wii Not Strictly Gamer’s Machine |

Did anybody notice anything about Nintendo’s Wii price, features, and availability announcement? If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, good. (It’s always good to think like me! 🙂 ) But if not, I’ll give you some hints. Wii Channels. The Mii Channel. News and weather channels. “Appealing to current gamers as well as broadening the market.”

Ringing any bells?

Wasn’t it just half a year ago that Nintendo claimed that Sony was moving away from gaming by doing all sorts of crazy media stuff like movies and more. Nintendo isn’t abandoning the gamer! Nintendo is the last bastion for the real gamer! Nintendo cares about games only, nothing else! Nintendo won’t be distracted from giving you what you want: games! Okay, okay. So Nintendo didn’t actually say those things word for word. But whatever words they actually used, they certainly meant that.

Whatever happened to that?

I find it interesting that Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are all trying to do the same thing: branch out from games into other markets with their consoles. But as far as I remember, Sony and Microsoft didn’t say that they wouldn’t do that this generation, then turn around and do it after all. Only Nintendo did that.

I don’t hear anyone complaining that Nintendo broke their promise.

Not that I care. If they want to expand the market, fine. They can change their mind. Or maybe they just didn’t want to tip their hand too early. But I know, just know, that if Sony had done the same thing that the haters would come out of the shrubs and pounced on Sony like hyenas on a wounded zebra.

Either way, I hope Nintendo does well. We need strong competitors all around to improve our gaming experiences. I hope someone I know buys a Wii so that I can try it out. And according to all the gossip I read, everyone and their momma’s hairdresser is going to buy a Wii, so a friend with a Wii shouldn’t be hard to find.

  • Huh?

    It plays games. It doesn’t even play DVDs. How is that not being a gamers machine?

    They didn’t actually put things in the box you have to pay for that don’t necessarily have to do with gaming. You can buy the opera browser separately that I suppose would be a non-gaming app, but thats pretty much it.

    because you can check the weather for it doesn’t mean nintendo is going away from games, they’re just being weird.

  • Tom

    I do find it odd…

    You get thousands of hugely critical comments about Sony dropping a few things from the PS3 (2x HDMI, Standard wi-fi, 2x USB ports, Ethernet ports), having a hugely expensive price, not having enough available choice wise for the launch and not explaining their online service…

    Then Nintendo drop some similarly important things (DVD playback, built-in web browser and HDD/USB memory key support), charge more for the console and hardware than they need to, drastically limit their day one online gaming support, have a much smaller day one game line-up then they hinted, no ethernet support and release the console at a very late date… And nobody could care less! If anything some people seem grateful it’s coming with these issues.

    Hell they’ve even postponed Zelda on GC by a few weeks to try to get people to invest in Wii and its version of the game, if Sony was to do something similar with God of War 2 they’d be absolutely brutalized across the internet! As it’s Nintendo though most people seem to think it’s pretty much fair game.

    I do want to get a Wii (Smash Bros will be mine!), but at its price as it stands now I’m not really interested in a launch one- if Nintendo had gone to around £150 or lower (as was speculated in many forums, to such an extent I was beginning to expect a UK launch in 2 weeks at a price of £120) then I might just have gone out and invested in one this Christmas. As it stands I’m going to wait a bit and see if it actually is any good afterall.

    Personally I like the Mii Channel stuff, but then I’m a stickler for having all that kind of stuff thrown in, it doesn’t really tie up with Nintendo’s “24:7 Gaming” philosophy though!

  • Tom

    In fact for the perfect example of what I mean read this blog. He argues he doesn’t want to buy a PS3 because he doesn’t want to become a guinea pig for Blu-ray. So why is he buying a Wii? Surely getting something with an idea as untested as this is also signing up to become a guinea pig?

    “What I’m really looking forward to is the Virtual Console function…” So you’re investing $250 in a new machine to play N64, SNES and NES games that may have a visual boost? Surely this guy already owns a DS or GBA though which covers most of the better SNES and NES titles as well as some N64 ones! Fair point on the Genesis and TurboGraffix stuff, but I’d be surprised if these respective publishers didn’t bring their wares to other platforms as well (in fact Sega is definitely doing this).

    He’s right on a few counts, but on others you can hear the stampeding hype train grabbing him. He’s entitled to his opinions though as am I- that’s what makes the internet so great- just feel he’s been a bit shortsighted.

    The most interesting thing is that the same things were been said before the release of the GC (cheap, it’s Nintendo, power doesn’t matter, it’s different from the others, better support than previous console, purely gaming…). Whilst I fully accept and expect the Wii to be a lot better than the GC and genuinely different to eventually go on to repeat the DS success I find it ironic the same things are been said again.

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  • Richard:

    So when Nintendo goes away from gaming their just “being weird”. But when Sony does it … ?

    I’m having trouble thinking of things in the PS3 that cannot be used for gaming. Wireless? Internet play. Ethernet? Ditto. Memory cards? Save games, and swapping save games between machines. HDD? Game demos and game data caching. BD? Lots of storage for better gaming experience – see for example Resistance: Fall of Man. This will only become more important with time. See: history of the computer. Cell processor? Something has to run the machine. HDMI output? HD gaming baby! USB? Headsets, keyboards, mice, charging controller, etc. Bluetooth? Wireless controller – why go proprietary? CD compatibility? My own in-game music, which is always better than what EA packages with their racing games.

    Oh wait.

    You’re right – I found one. DVD compatibility. Don’t really need that.

    Me bad.

    Wait a sec! You DO need that to play PS2 games!

    So, I’m out of ideas man.

  • What I’m trying to say is that the PS3 is indeed a gaming machine, as is the Wii. They both do games, and they both do it well. They both do other stuff as well, and I’m fine with that.

    I just don’t like it when people complain about Sony doing something, but praise Nintendo for doing the same.

  • The Wii is DVD compatible (it uses DVDs), it just doesn’t play DVD movies. That wouldn’t be necessary for PS2 game playback, so that comparison isn’t true.

    Tom is inaccurate saying the Wii has a built-in web browser, it does not.

    The fact is you have to pay extra for the things Sony has put in that do not necessarily have to do with gaming. You don’t need included wifi for online gaming, you do need it to connect to the PSP. You can game just fine over component (obviously sony thinks so, they haven’t included an HDMI cable in the box).

    I don’t think you will actually suggest that including the ability to check weather in the Wii has increased the purchase cost of the machine. That in my book qualifies as “just being wierd”. Sony putting blu-ray in to advance the format qualifies as “paying extra for things i didn’t ask to be a part of”.

    Sony is not broadening the market, so even the comparison there is inaccurate.Sony has not at all shown how they are making interfacing with the console better/easier for non-traditional gamers, which nintendo has been very clear they are pursuing since they announced the wii.

    I’m not buying into the Wii hype, I have no idea if the controller or anything else will work well, and I think $250 + $60 controllers is way too much for a curiosity, but I would not say nintendo has backslid on their promise.

    You’re comparing apples to oranges in my opinion in terms of comparing “broadening the market”. They are broadening the gaminbg market by making more people gamers, not, broadening the market for their other products by making their game machine an everything machine. They don’t expect people to have a Wii for any reason other than gaming.

  • I think that is nonsens. nintendo always spoke of broadening the gaming-market. they want people to buy their console, because it has great games. and that’s what they are doing, at least I think it is so. Of course, there are some things that aren’t really gaming features, but would anyone buy a Wii for other reasons than the games? I doubt that. They’re broadcasting the weather every evening on television. – nobody would need a Wii for that, but it’s nice to have it. it is a small addition – not a main feature.

    you can either think of this as something positive or as something negative. but if I buy a 360 or a PS3, I would pay for a whole lot of crap that I (and I emphasize on that “I”) simply don’t need – that is not the case with Wii. I want a gaming machine, I’ll get a gaming machine.

    nevertheless: everybody should buy the console that makes him happy. they all have their advantages and disadvantages. I don’t really understand this holy war between MS-, Sony- and Nintendo-followers.

    but you simply can NEVER EVER accuse Nintendo of abandoning gamers with what they did with the NDS or what they are doing with Wii. GAMES are all those machines really can – and I think they (will) do that very well. nintendo is broadening the market for GAMES (and with games) – not for DVD- or BLURAY-players.

    I think Sony’s policy is “slightly” different (which is okay). If PS3 fails, BluRay fails too (like UMD did). In my opinion, this is a reason, why it it is absolutely legitimate to ask, if Sony is really focusing on games – because I think they would be stupid, if they do. A whole lot of their movie- and maybe even music-branch depends on PS3.

    Sony did a very good job with PS2, when it comes to games (although I never got caught by it) – but PS3 is an absolutely different story from every point of view.

    summing up: your blog entry is a miss. 🙂

  • So now, its my turn for shaking things up a bit 😀

    First of all… Yes, Sony includes things, some people may or may not need. Thats completely legitimate, as the others do too. BUT, if Sony does it, it either is copied or “we dont need that”. Speaking of BluRay… In the rather unlikely case of Sony not having a next gen disc format (meaning, there’d be only HD-DVD), and Sony would still have the HD-DVD as the disc format, would everybody cry too? I think so, as they all did with the PS2 and the DVD drive (which Sony did not invent). I know, now over 90% of all games wont ever need more than 8,5GB of space on a disc, but eventually MANY will. Think of it this way, I am a (still studying) engineer… If I contruct a press for coins, I have certain limitations… The diameter of the coin, the certain “using” height and so on and so forth… Now, but if the situations change, and the coins somehow need to be bigger, I am screwed. But if I know from the beginning, my coins CAN get bigger, my whole machine will be constructed different, because of ever changing situations… The same goes for Sony and the BD ROM. If a game is developed, I has certain limitations (RAM size, CPU speed …) and to raise ANY of these limitations equals more opportunities to get bigger and better. You dont HAVE to use all of this, but you CAN! And if the limitations are far away from the beginning, one can be much more creative, because you dont run into these limitations too fast…

    Thats also my problem I see with the Wii. As good as this machine is (now), so fast it will fall… The Gamecube is pretty much at its end of its lifecycle, and the Wii is sort of a turbo charged Gamecube. Same architecture with more speed (just like in cars). The devels know how to use the Wiis potential and they know, where its advantages are. They can use the full power of the Wii right now, but it wont get any much better from here. I know, the power of the Wii shall not come from its graphics, but, as we all know, we are graphic whores. There are certain types of games, which dont need super power graphics (RTS for example, which I for one LOVE), but not all are alike. Many game(r)s NEED good graphics, as this is what differentiates FPS A from FPS B (in my eyes, as most of the controll alike). Storytelling thru graphics… I think, the first 1-2 years the Wii can somehow keep the pace with PS3 and the 360, but then, it will get pretty hard for it to keep up thru straight “how to control a game”.

    And now to the real point of my post 😀

    Sony, from the beginning, said the PS3 has many features, which is ok. Then, MS and Ninty comes up and say… Man, People dont want/need… that, I just drives the price up and is a trojan horse for blu ray… Then, Nintendo does “essentially” the same. Coming up with non gaming stuff, which DRIVES THE PRICE UP (dont tell me, the weather data just pops into your Wii just because) and is not needed. Then saying it will be region free (which it isnt, dropping DVD support (which was annonced, IIRC) etc etc… But everybody bashed Sony for leaning too wide out of the windows and saying dropping a freaking RJ45 outlet was a lie…

    These double tounged snakes piss me off!

    The interesting this also is… Nearly EXACTLY the same happened with the PS2… And guess what, it prevailed… with a BIG GAP between its enemies!

    Phew… I’m done 😀

    Good night 😀

  • Tom

    “Tom is inaccurate saying the Wii has a built-in web browser, it does not.”
    -That’s actually what I said- it’s one of the things that was built in, definitely do not have to pay for… and now it isn’t (along with DVD playback, HDD support, yada yada…)! 😉 I was merely observing that Sony gets a lot of flack in the gaming community (and rightly too- you shouldnt chop and change specs), whereas Nintendo gets away relatively unscathed after taking similar decisions. NOT that Nintendo has created a multi-purpose media centre in the same way Sony and Microsoft have.

    Good response, but I disagree with the end part in particular:
    “I think Sony’s policy is “slightly” different (which is okay). If PS3 fails, BluRay fails too (like UMD did). In my opinion, this is a reason, why it it is absolutely legitimate to ask, if Sony is really focusing on games – because I think they would be stupid, if they do. A whole lot of their movie- and maybe even music-branch depends on PS3.

    Sony did a very good job with PS2, when it comes to games (although I never got caught by it) – but PS3 is an absolutely different story from every point of view.”

    Firstly Blu-ray is a widely backed piece of technology (more so than HD-DVD in the areas that really count)- it doesn’t simply come down to the PS3 fails – Blu-ray fails maxim (although the Blu-ray disc association aren’t making it for themselves easy right now!). UMD has flopped because it is expensive and in no way “Universal”. When Warner recently dropped the prices on their UMD catalogue sales shot up and I guess if other UMD players had been released sales wouldn’t really have dropped. With Blu-ray the prices aren’t too bad and (whilst there is only one now) there will be many different players on the market come Christmas… I go on to discuss the rest of your post in a paragraphs time.

    Secondly you say Sony did a good job with the PS2 when it came to games- true they had a lot more first/second party support set-up than in the PSOne days. You don’t seem to think this will be the case for the PS3 though. Why? Sony have invested a lot of time money and effort into both first and second party studios- if anything based on the content Sony is looking to put out this time around and the content they had out during the first year of the PS2 Sony is in a far stronger position now. Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, Resistance, Singstar, Untold Legends, Dig, Gran Turismo, Lair, Motorstorm, Formula One, Eye of Judgement, LA Noire, Killzone, whatever Team Ico comes up with… Arguably that is a stronger first/second party lineup then Microsoft had in the first year of the 360 with a bucket load more variety included. The PS2’s Sony lineup didn’t come close. By a long shot. The only Sony developed PS2 game I recall at launch was Fantavision and then there was little for months afterwards leaving gamers and the system reliant on third parties. There are less third party exclusive stuff this time around, but Sony’s studios are beginning to deliver the goods consistently. Sony’s approach is treading the line between the Wii (Singstar, Eyetoy games- both hugely popular here in the EU, as well as family driven titles, third party “risk titles” and more artistic games) and 360 approaches (Resistance, Motorstorm, Gran Turismo, MGS4- there are more of these right now, but that’s how it always is- riskier titles get left until you have an installed base)- by offering people a slice of both- Pure “fun” gaming and “full-fat” hardcore gaming. If it wasn’t for the pricing issue Sony would stand in a position where it could sweep the market out from under both of their feet (which may explain why Sony lengthend the life of the PS2- a cheap, fun, proven and all enticing alternative to both the 360 and Wii). Talking of price that kind of nicely leads me on to…

    Off topic (kind of)… I’m not sure I entirely get this “paying for extras I don’t want” arguement in regards to Blu-ray.

    On one hand I can see that if you aren’t interested in Blu-ray movies then you might have a point. On the other think of the original xbox with its built in Hard Drive. When the machine was released people didn’t quite know what to make of it and gave fairly hostile feedback to the inclusion of something that seemingly bumped up the cost with no real application other than storage of ripped music files. By the end of this gen though it had become one of a line of features the xbox offered over the PS2 and something that actually got a fair bit of use (and would continued to have done so had MS not killed it off so soon). It still mystifies me (and many others) as to why the core 360 doesn’t come with some internal storage or even exists at all!

    Anyway my point been it may seem at the time that this extra new feature is a total waste of time and money, but in a few years time developers will (some already are) start to use this technology for its full gaming applications- many devs have been vocal in how they’ve appreciated Sony’s direction on this and Microsoft hasn’t said anything about the storage issue for a longtime other than to say “we don’t force you to get optional extras” in regards to HD movie formats rather than gaming where they just sheepishly say “we won’t use HD-DVD for games”.

  • there are somehings i want to respond.

    first, I really see some sort of difference when it comes to third party support. as development costs are shooting up on PS3 and also 360, I think we are goint to see less exclusive games on those consoles (and in fact, there are already some devs stepping back from exclusive agreements. more than that: PS3 ist extremely expensive, so it is absolutely not interesting for other people as hardcore gamers – Singstar might not make a difference. BluRay maybe an important feature later, but it is not now and it will (especially here in Europe) not be for some years now. BluRay or PS3 (as you want) comes too early. I don’t think it makes any sense to make a gaming console pulling the train for early adopters at the movie-sector.

    so Sony is focussing on gamers which are willing to spend huge amounts of money – this surely is not the case for casual gamers. that results in another problem: as long as they don’t cut down the prize, the console is not getting enough customers to make exclusive games succesful. if this results in less games developed exclusively, we are getting into a devil’s circle. poor sale numbers -> less games -> poorer sale numbers…

    also I don’t see Sony “sweeping the market” with Singstar or Eyetoy – at the end of the day you only need a PS2 to play such games. I don’t see any need of an expensive, high end console to play such games. Casual gamers will be fully satisfied with Wii in the first round. and not only that – despite all the differences, I think Wii is the one who will sweep, because beside casual gamers there are people like me – thirsty for real innovation.

    sony has recently shown that they can kill a massively hyped, expensive high end system and lose against a technologically inferior challenger. simply because the most important thing: games. I don’t hope it, but I think that there is a good “chance” of this repeating itself with wii and ps3 – not to forget, that there is already a good challenger on the market. MS might have started poor, but the headstart gave them the possibilty to have a clearly better lineup at the time when PS3 launches. and it’s cheaper.

    Sony messed this one up – it’s their luck that their new console is a PlayStation. Every other company wouldn’t have the slightest chance with a concept like that.

  • sorry for the mistakes – I’m a little tired.

    “i want to respond to some things”
    “simply because they forgot most important thing: games.”

    and so on and so forth… ^^

  • Tom

    “I don’t see Sony “sweeping the market” with Singstar or Eyetoy – at the end of the day you only need a PS2 to play such games. I don’t see any need of an expensive, high end console to play such games. Casual gamers will be fully satisfied with Wii in the first round.”

    In regards to casuals- a system priced at £180, and not exactly widely understood outside of gaming as of now, is unlikely to attract that market (that’s why Nintendo shoud, IMO, have gone down to £150). The casual market will, if unwilling to invest a significant amount, stick with or first time buy a PS2 if they want something familiar with variety and something cheap.

    Reasonably you may ask “Well surely Sony has caused themselves a problem in trying to sell the PS3?”

    Not really. History tells us that the PSOne continued as a remarkably successful system until the the PS2 reached its first price cut, when sales tappered off. Sony has approached this with exactly new generation with the same ideas. The PS3 is only going to be bought by a small number of hardcore gamers and AV enthusiasts at first, the same thing happened with the PS2. Only difference is the PS3 is a lot more expensive. I’d be surprised though if the PS3 was not heading towards £200 (for the core pack) towards this time (Sept-Dec as happened with PS2) next year.

    “Sony messed this one up – it’s their luck that their new console is a PlayStation. Every other company wouldn’t have the slightest chance with a concept like that.”

    Exactly the same type of thing was said at the launch of the PS2 and as I pointed out above the same stuff was said about Nintendo about how the Gamecube would be revolutionary. 😉

  • The Wii is a gimmick in my eyes.

    It’s main selling point is the Wii-mote & how games will utilise it.

    Most gamers (especially hardcore gamers) can’t be bothered to start swinging a pad around for any length of time so it’s main appeal will be to casual gamers who want to play games with a bunch of mates (similarly to EyeToy, SingStar, Guitar Hero etc).

    The games don’t look a lot better than what the GameCube offered us, now in the case of Resi 4 which looks fantastic, this is not a bad thing but in 1-2 years time when people start seeing the real graphical power of the PS3 & 360, I believe the Wii will fall to one side and be used as a social machine or for hardcore Nintendo Fanboys.

    Like it or not graphics are important & that’s one area that the Wii will fail on, there’s a couple of other areas that it lacks in aswell (.

    There’s been a lot of positive hype about the Wii, with various people saying ti will revolutionize gaming, bringing it to the mainstream etc etc.

    Well gaming is already mainstream thanks in part to Sony with the PSone, PS2, EyeToy etc & Microsoft with Xbox Live. It’s a multibillion dollar industry now so Nintendo are trying to tap in to the market that Sony have already targeted with EyeToy.

    It will be interesting to see what Sony comes up with, with it’s next-gen version of EyeToy.

    The Wii won’t be a failure & it may be a lot of peoples 2nd console of choice, or first console while they wait to buy a 360 or PS3, but it won’t outsell them & I believe it will go the same way as the ‘Cube unfortunatley. They lack some big hitting franchises that exist on the PS3 & 360 & they simply can’t compete with what the PS3 & 360 has to offer.

    I won’t be buying a Wii as nothing about it appeals to me & I like good graphics so when it offers games that look a little better than what the ‘Cube knocked out at the end of it’s premature life it just doesn’t interest me plus the games just don’t do it for me.

    Having a unique control system is not enough to bridge the gap in my eyes. It may be enough for some & I may well be proved wrong & the Wii could repeat the success of the DS & usurp Sony or Microsoft or both, but I remain sceptical. Very, very sceptical.

    For something that’s targeted towards multiplayer experiences the Wii-mote & nunchuk accessories etc sure do cost a lot of money. You get one in the box then you have to fork out another £45 if your brother, friend, partner etc wants to join in. Add in a group of friends each requiring a Wii-mote of their own well….the cost starts adding up unless they all already own Wiis of course.

    Is that not being forced on you either?

  • BluRay maybe an important feature later, but it is not now and it will (especially here in Europe) not be for some years now. BluRay or PS3 (as you want) comes too early. I don’t think it makes any sense to make a gaming console pulling the train for early adopters at the movie-sector.

    Coincidentally enough, the Blu-ray drive has great application in a games machine. Lots of space! For example, Resistance: Fall of Man is pushing 20GB worth of compressed data. And that’s for a launch title! As a developer myself, I know that when developers are given room (whether that be RAM, processor speed, or disc space), then developers will think of more ways to use that room. Developers were constrained to a DVD before, but now they have a BD to work with, and so they start adding stuff for gamers to enjoy. This is a good trend, if you ask me. I don’t know why people keep complaining that Sony is giving developers more space to maneuver. That’s absurd. Developers will use the space given them. “No machine will need more than 640K. – Bill Gates”. I know it’s quoted a lot, but it really proves the point here. The BD disc is a great boon for game developers. They say so themselves! That is also plays BD movies is a bonus.

  • So henning, you really believe that the fall of man developers require more than twice as much storage space for compressed data than anyone else does…even though the game does not look distinguishably different from other shooters due out this year?

    I mean if you believe that, fine, but I don’t. Unless the game is 80 hours long, it just doesn’t make sense.

  • No one has ever complained about sony giving developers space, people have complained about the price of that extra space and Sony’s reasons for including it, I think we need to clarify that.

  • Pc

    I don’t see how some of you could even be on a sony blog site and not be happy about what all sony is bringing to the table this year !!! Of course the blu-ray drive is important because its for games and movies !!!! Thats freakin awesome…..that means no more low quality audio compressed onto a little dvd…lots more hd content added into games thanks to the bd……and to top it all off, bigger, better games !!!! When i say bigger, i dont mean 2,000 hours of gameplay like somebody will say…no i mean a big ass game with huge levels to explore….more of these levels….tons of weapons and weapon variations…vehicles….and also tons of multiplayer madness (resistance baby !!!!) You also gota think about the advanced AI for each individual character on screen…the physics….keeps goin on forever man !!! Im excited about the PS3 and have been for many years now….I dont care what nintendo or microsoft does…..Im just gonna get my PS3 and play it on my hdtv and enjoy the best gaming has to offer!!!

  • yeah, so do – but don’t be surprised if it won’t come as you expect 😉

  • Questworld

    So after touting the very fact that systems like the PSP has multimedia functions and that the PS3 will have similar multimedia hub functions, after months of trying to justify people that for $500 to $600 for the PS3 is really a steal for what you get (i.e. Blu-Ray, etc.), your going to go “Pffft, Nintendo’s a hypocrite”? I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to break my PS3 fandom here for a moment and step in. Aren’t these the same features the Sony fanboys (fanboys not fans) woulnd’t buy a Cube for, or at least some arguments they’d like to use to make their positions seem more valid? You wanted these features, you put them on a pedestal, and now your going to tell Nintendo off? I’m sorry, but that’s hypocritical of you too. After all the “Nintendo doesn’t listen to what we want” they give you this much and you throw it back to their face? Dude, that’s just wrong.

    And incidentally, didn’t we buy PS2s at $300 and PSPs at $250? The Wii’s more powerful than that and it’s being sold at $250, and that’s with a game. If anybody doesn’t like the Wii, just say you don’t like the games it has right now or you’re not sold on the new controller and stop making up these excuses about “weaker” or “crappy graphics” or “kiddy.” You bought the PS1, N64, etc. and those had crappy graphics and no one could’ve convinced me that poor 3D graphics like those are better than SNES and Genesis 2D graphics, even if it was “at the time.” The new systems have fantastic graphics. Heck, last gen’s graphics were good too. Personally, I’ve had it to here with all the stupid arguments. After all the “Xbox has the best graphics” argument and all the PS2’s “it’s about the games stupid” retort, what’s with all the Wii has “crappy graphics” argument? Choose your baseline already. What do you consider the border between your opinion on what is crappy and what is good graphics wise? Or is the art? I can’t even believe some people have said that Wii Sports looks like an N64 game. Maybe Nintendo was right, people don’t care about graphics. They’re certainly delusional if they even think the N64 could’ve done graphics like that. People seem to alter their perceptions about these things anyway.

    Anyway, if you want the PS3 then get that. If you’re just not interested in the Wii just say you’re not interested and be done with it. Are we gamers or company salesmen?

  • Questworld

    And I agree with some of the comments here. Sony’s system additions caused a bigger surge in price, Nintendo’s on the other hand has even yet to break the PS2’s $300 launch price. Without the game it’s basically around $210 to $220. Let’s not be blind. I’m all for having a Blu-Ray player but I know we could’ve gotten a $400 system instead if Sony just used a DVD format. It’s simply mathematics. Blu-Ray and UMD formats are not yet widely distributed whereas DVD is distributed through millions of players and PCs. The overhead distribution is smaller for the Blu-Ray so it will make BR consumer products more expensive, at least for a few years.

  • Questworld

    It’s not that people think things like high capacity disc space, high definition display, etc. aren’t needed or wanted, especially in the future, it’s the balancing act of when such things can hit at a comfortable level. Technically we can probably do a handheld that has the power of a PS3 now, but we won’t because of costs. I’ll bet the PS4 will have Blu-Ray and the system will cost only about $400. I mean look at computers back a few decades ago, sure we could’ve all had computer in the home, but they were big and very expensive costing up to millions of bucks. So people waited and now not only do we have PCs, but they are cheaper and more powerful than before. So, for instance, why should we have jumped on the wanting a computer back then instead of waiting a few years until things become a bit more mass consumption levels. That’s the issue here with the PS3. Cell and Blu-Ray is still new, very expensive, and overall not ideal for a videogame system if that’s what you want mainly. And let’s not forget the 360 does a pretty good job in terms of power. If Sony just went with the same mass market parts instead of creating totally new proprietary hardware (and I don’t even mean in the same level as the GameCube having proprietary discs) prices would’ve been more reasonable.