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Eye of Judgement Demonstration |

The Japanese PS3 site has a nice video demonstration of Eye of Judgement with Assistant Producer (or is he?), Yusuke Watanabe, chatting about various aspects of the Yu Gi Oh alike card game.

According to IGN, who translated what Watanabe-san had to say in the video interview, Eye of Judgement is only possible on the PS3:

“Eye of Judgment is a title that will deliver a brand new experience to the user. It’s a difficult concept, and we believe that it is something that can only be achieved on the PlayStation 3.”

The game works by using technology that scans 2D bar codes, known as Cyber Codes, which the camera picks up & then displays the monster & it’s attributes/actions that’s associated with the Cyber Code.

There will be a versus mode set over a 3×3 grid but there may also be the option to battle players from anywhere in the world over the PLAYSTATION online network.

As you may have probably guessed you don’t need to touch the PS3 controller to play Eye of Judgement as the cards do all the work. Just make sure to wipe your hands after munching on some Pork Scratchings before you touch the cards. 😉

It’s a nice little reminder for people who can’t wait to see more of this unique game at TGS ’06. My interest is high for this game.

Eye of Judgement Demonstration

IGN Translates Yusuke Watanabe

  • What I am “afraid” of, is… how many cards are included? Do you have to buy them to play with other chars…

    I used to play Magic tG a lot and I spent a lot of money on it, when I was young… Though I got much back thru selling them, I dont see a point in buying those cards, as they are mostly worthless…

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if you can buy more cards to boost your deck.

    As the cards are physical they can’t be micro transactions or downloadable like extra tracks or weapons which will happen in other games so I’m not too worried about this at the moment.

  • Pc

    I’m actually kind of excited as to where this could lead gaming. I use to play magic when i was younger…just imagine playing some crazy ass game like magic or something like that on a 60 inch hdtv in 1080p !!!! CRAZYNESS

  • since it uses bar codes to find out what card it is, it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle to copy them right?

  • Yeah, just like with CD Cases and stuff… That wouldnt be a problem…