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PS3 Box Art |

Some box art is starting to appear for PS3 games, and it doesn’t look too shabby. It would have been nice if the Blu-ray case weren’t used, but ah well, such is life. Here is Marvel Ultimate Alliance without the case:

And here is Sonic the Hedgehog (thanks to Ivan for the tip):

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  • Looking at that sonic box… Will it fit into a standard DVD stand? The blue bit looks extra on top of a normal DVD box. I really hope I wont have to buy a custom “PS3 game stand” rather than using cheap DVD ones.

  • The Blu-ray Disc case is actually about a centimeter shorter than a DVD case. It is the same width, and the case is slightly slimmer.

  • So it wont fit into a DVD rack? Brilliant.

  • Depends on your rack! I just use a floating shelf for my movies and games, so BD discs will fit perfectly! 🙂

  • As my second dvd rack is filled up to the brim, my next one will be a BD one, I think…

  • Tom

    I think it’s a fake, but a very decent one! It’s not for the reasons various newsgroups are reporting either- the barcode label on the back (an image which along with a size comparisson and open box image has now disappeared) is the first barcode you find when you search “barcode” in google images. This great spot came from Orochimaru (aka Raze) on the UK gamesradar forums.

    Still as a symbol of what we could get I’m fairly happy. I had been concerned it would look terrible. Still, given the choice I’d plump for black over blue on the actual box.

  • It looks like the second one there is a fake! See: