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PS3 Virtua Tennis 3 in 1080p |

So, not only is Gran Turismo HD in 1080p, so is the new upcoming tennis game from SEGA. Not only that, but SEGA was showing off the game on what appeared to be real PS3’s. Similar to the event showing off Virtua Fighter 5.

1080p is coming faster than you think. “Why do I care?” you may ask. Frankly, you probably don’t. But you may take solice in the fact that the PS3 seems to be pretty future-proof. 1080p displays are coming out all over the place. (Just see Ultimate AV’s CEDIA Expo Guide.) So 1080p displays are going to become more and more common. And you certainly would care if you have a 1080p display, and it’s a larger one. For example, my HDTV is 57″ in size. If it were 1080p, I’d be able to see the difference. If, however, you cram 1080p into a 35″ TV, you probably wouldn’t notice. So if you’re a fan of small screen sizes, ignore this news. If you like your TV’s big, like I do, this is good stuff.

PS3 Virtua Tennis 3 in 1080p

  • If you’re rich enough to care about 1080p I hate you.

  • 🙂

    Prices are coming down all the time. At CEDIA Sony announced the price of their 1080p “Pearl” SXRD projector – $5000. This sounds like a lot, but compared to the competition it is quite inexpensive. Panasonic also announced their PT-AX1000 1080p LCD projector, but no price. Sony also has their rear-projection SXRD 1080p sets, some of which sell for significantly less than $5000. Prices aren’t exactly cheap, but they’re coming down.

  • Nick

    I own a 50″ plasma, and I love it.

    It doesnt support 1080p but, I bet the Ps3 will still look kickass on 720p/1080i

  • I’m sure it will. Everyone with an HDTV will be very pleased when they hook up a PS3!

  • agent864

    I’ll get 1080p when it costs as much as I paid for my 42″ 720p (rear projection) $1600. So I think that will be a while. Meanwhile I think the PS3 will look just fine at 720p, and when I’m ready its nice to know it will take advantage of 1080p.

  • culturalskeptic

    An interesting thing about 1080p I heard is that it’s the format most major studios are shooting their High Def in (think Sony’s F900s, F950s), so it’s nice to see PS3 following suit. I’m actually not all that hip to what the difference between 1080i/720p/1080p and I’ve been looking for a segway into understanding more about HD–anyway, there’s this seminar being offered in LA called HD Fundamentdals by HD EXPO in November and I’m thinking about going… Does anybody else know of similar stuff going on like that?

  • p = progressive = all the information for a frame is displayed at once
    i = interlaced = all the information for a frame takes two passes to display

    720p = 1280 x 720 pixels displayed 60 times a second

    1080i = 1920 x 540 pixels displayed 60 times a second, but interleaved to make 1920 x 1080 resolution every 1/30th of a second

    1080p = 1920 x 1080 pixels displayed 60 times a second

    With video games, sports, and other fast-moving stuff, interlaced isn’t a good solution. It just doesn’t look as good.

    Movies in HD DVD and BD discs are usually encoded at 1080p/24. Which means it holds 24 frames per second. Note that if you have a digital display (LCD, LCoS, DLP, plasma) it’ll refresh 60 times a second. So you need to transform those 24 frames into 60 frames. So using an HD DVD player or BD player in 1080p mode versus 1080i mode isn’t really an improvement (everything else being equal) because it just changes where the transformations are being made – in the player versus in the TV. Either way, the same amount of information reaches your eyes in the same amount of time.

    Video games aren’t like that. They display more than 24 frames per second. Typically between 30 and 60. If your game can put out 1080p on your gaming console, and your display can accept 1080p, then you’re ahead of the game and benefitting from that resolution.

  • Tom

    I heard that PS3 games made in 1080p will be downscaled on 720p/1080i TVs helping them to have a cleaner appearance and fewer jaggies. I can’t be sure how technically correct that is, but if right then it means there are greater and more widespread benefits to 1080p then I first thought.

  • francois

    What about overscan?
    My HDTV perform default overscan (I think most TV does), therefor when I connect my computer to my TV throught HDMI and set my computer to display true 1280 x 720 resolution, I lose parts of the image on all 4 sides (up down left right) of the image. (Ex: I can’t see the start menu in windows). The solution is to set my computer to a very odd resolution something like 1164 x 684, which video card manufacturer made available for HDTV owner. Althought I see all the image, my image no longer takes full screen estate, I end up with a a few pixel wide black contour all around the image.

    That said with PS3, I wonder if the it output true pixel resolution like my computer does or overscan ready images ( 1164 x 684 ).

    This whole transition between Analog TV to Digital HDTV is really a mess !!! The true all digital display remains the computer LCD monitorl

  • Tom: I can’t think of why they would do that, except as another form of supersampling.

    francois: this is a problem with today’s consoles on analog TV’s as well. Developers just don’t put anything of importance in the outter 4% (or whatever) edge of the screen.

  • matt

    Reality is 1080p is really only important to very large screen owners. At 50″ you will START to need it. I have read on many sites that 60″ is where you begin to need it and on others 70″. The downside to spending the extra money on 1080p is that HDTV broadcasts are going to be in 1080i or 720p for a very long time. The problem is bandwidth with a 75 ohm cable. It can only carry so much info and that is why we are limited to a handful of HD channels right now.

    Don’t get me wrong 1080p news is a big deal. I love my 50″ 720p but I only bought it because the 72″ 1080p HDTV I want is so expensive I would be a moron to buy it on the income I make. For the lucky few who own a large 1080p this is really exciting news.

    I wonder if the games are really designed for 1080p. What I mean is are they doing the artwork to use each pixel seperately? I guess we really won’t know until the PS3 is a couple of years old and we can make comparisons.

    Virtua Tennis 3 right now does not look as good as some other games that are coming out. Gears of War looks better for one and their are a lot of games besides that on both systems that look better to me. Henning, any thoughts?

  • Well Virtua Tennis 3 and Gears of War are two totally different types of games, on two different platforms. It’s not like tennis will have any over-the-top effects in it.

    As far as developers making a game for 1080p versus 720p goes, I don’t there there’s much of a change in behaviour there. When it comes to the models, artists will only be able to use higher poly counts if the RSX/Cell combo can handle it. As to the textures, they’re usually created in hi-res anyway, then dumbed down to fit the necessary space, so that’s no big deal.

    I don’t actually remember what the trailer to Virtua Tennis looked like. Downloading now…

  • Okay, I just watched the trailer, and I think it looks good (except for the tennis racket going into the ground at one point). Some of the animation could have been more smooth. The characters’ faces definitely crossed into the freaky-looking territory. There’s a term for that, I just forget what it is.

  • matt

    Henning, am I crazy or does it seem like 1080p is a gimmick? I have read things saying that the PS3 hardware isn’t powerful enough to display 1080p in heavy action type games. So it seems to me that the only 1080p games we are going to get are Virtua Tennis and other games where there isn’t a lot of information needed to load a screen. You have done a lot more research on this and I am curious to your thoughts. You know a lot about HD also and have probally seen a 720p and 1080p side by side. I just think Sony is making a huge deal out of nothing. Great marketing though.

  • 1080p is not a gimmick for those people with 1080p sets of size 50″ or so and larger. Those people will be able to see a nice difference.