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EA launches Tony Hawks challeneger |

After a couple of days Electronic Arts has finally unveilled their “Tony Hawk’s” killer. The game, entitled “Skate”, aims to offer players the most authentic skating video game experience… well at least according to developers Black Box. The title is destined to fit neatly into EA Canda and EA Big’s stable alongside such seasoned pros as SSX, Def Jam and the FIFA and NBA Street series.

Whilst the game is set to feature some of the big names in pro skateboarding including Danny Way (who last time I checked held the record for both the longest air and highest air -at one stage achieving this feat during the same run- archived here on youtube at about 7 minutes 20 onwards– sensational stuff) and PJ Ladd. The game takes place in what sounds like an open skateboard city (similar in a way to Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland). The title is due for release in 2007 and according to PSM will offer full 1080p support.

However it is this bloggers belief that EA has had a bit of a shock to the system from the revealing of Tony Hawk’s Project 8 in the last week. As I described THP8 has a revamped control system based on using the analog stick to perform certain tricks moving the emphasis away from button bashing not to mention an entirely physics based engine and a greater depth to motion capture to make animations look more realistic… All features which EA claims it will implement as revolutionary changes to the genre with the aim of capturing skateboarding in a more realistic way. Hmmmm…

Anyway competition in this field is clearly a positive step for us users although I doubt either thought they would be so closely matched! Skate is due for a 2007 release.

  • The only EA sports game that I’ve actually enjoyed playing are the SSX games, well mainly SSX Tricky & SSX 3.

    It will be very interesting to see if they can reach the same levels of fun with Skate as they achieved with SSX Tricky & SSX 3 or will it end up like SSX On Tour. I hope it’s not the latter.

  • Thomas


  • Thomas, is that a scream of anguish or joy?