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Ninja Gaiden Coming to PS3 |

Ninja Gaiden PS3 BoundIt’s been rumoured for a while that Ninja Gaiden would be coming to the PS3 and it looks as if it’s finally been confirmed in the latest issue of Famitsu, according to C&

It will be called Ninja Gaiden Sigma but there’s no details whether it will be a brand new version of the game or a polished up version of the Xbox’s Ninja Gaiden Black.

It would be a little strange for Tecmo to release a PS3 version of an Xbox title though so I’m expecting a new title in the series.

It’s still no DMC beater although like DMC, some people complain about how difficult the game is but I’ve never played it before so can’t comment.

Ninja Gaiden Coming to PS3

  • Extra Terrestrial

    Genji, Devil May Cry, possibly Onimusha and Ninja Gaiden.

    The PlayStation 3 is almost heaven already.

  • I think Onimusha 4 (not Dawn of Dreams because that wasn’t Onimusha 4 in my eyes) will definitley be coming to PS3. Genji 2 looks pretty good aswell. Action fans look well catered for!