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Pre-order PS3? |

I already have a PS3 pre-ordered at Toys ‘R’ Us, but even the store told me that sometimes they don’t get their stuff in until a week after the launch. So I want to hedge my bets a little and pre-order a PS3 somewhere else, but I can’t find a place to do that.

I just called the Sony Store. Previously they told me they would be taking pre-orders, but that they just haven’t started yet. Now I talk to someone from the store, and he said that I can get a pre-order on November 17th. Uh… okay. That’s launch day! It would just be an order then, forget the “pre-“.

I called up EBGames, and he said that they don’t have any information yet. I called up Zellers (where I actually found my PS2!) and they didn’t answer the phone. How’s that for rejection!

Has anybody successfully pre-ordered a PS3 in Canada at a place other than Toys ‘R’ Us ?

  • Are you not willing to order online?

  • I don’t think I’d get it on launch day in that case.

  • Well at least you’re in a position to actually pre-order it or at least try & pre-order it.


  • Luke

    ^lol really.

  • Lots of saving.

    And I’m not buying a house, like you are Gary.

  • I meant the fact that we won’t get it until March at the earliest while you guys are getting it in 2 months time.


  • I dont get it…

    In Germany we got to preorder in June and we still can preorder at many many shops… Karstadt, EBGames, Amazon… the list is endless!!

    Why cant they get it right in the US?

  • Have you tried Gamestop ?

    Not sure if you have them in Canada.

  • Syfred

    How did you pre-ordered at Toys ‘R’ Us ? I would like to do the same even if I have to wait one week 🙂
    Thank you

  • It was only Canadian Toys ‘R’ Us stores that were doing the preorder, and it was a limited time offer. They are no longer taking any more preorders.