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Call of Duty 3 Capture the Flag Video! |

Jeux France has a great HD video of some capture the flag Call of Duty 3 action. There are links to two videos on the page, but they’re actually the same video. So don’t download both – it takes too long! I found it easier to download the QuickTime movie and watch it using the QuickTime player than to watch it in my browser.

The video itself is amazing. It shows a lot of actual gameplay footage, and lots and lots of really cool explosions.

If I had one bone to pick, I’d say that the information messages are too large. (Who killed whom, etc.) But I’m watching on my laptop’s screen, so it may be different when playing on the TV. We’ll have to see. But man, this video really makes me look forward to playing Call of Duty 3 when I get my war-torn hands on my PS3! Especially considering that we haven’t got our new game machines at work yet. I haven’t played Call of Duty 2 on the PC in ages!

Vidéo Call of Duty 3

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