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PS3 Box & Packaging |

I guess you’re curious to what the box will look like that you’ll hopefully be picking up come November?

You can see a stack of PS3 boxes (empty hopefully because if they fell…) that have been posted on forums.

I want one!

Looks like they could be what the lucky people who will be at TGS will be playing on. Not surprised that they are mainly the 20GB PS3.
Unboxed 7 ready for action...

The image on the right looks like a PS3 being unpacked and it’s a 60GB version going by the silver strip at the front.

I really really want a PS3 after seeing those images! I mean I want one right now!!!

I will dream of the day I pick up a 60GB PS3 box take it home then carefully rip open the box and smell that polythene & plastic then pop a couple of bubbles on the bubble wrap and plug in my PS3.

The wait is going to get even worse when you guys start bragging about your PS3s.

Thanks to ehandlr for this little beauty!

There are a few more images at the link below.

PS3 Boxes & Un-packed

  • Don’t know where these images are from, but here’s my rather uninspired guess: TGS!

    The boxes I betcha are all empty – just for show.

    The PS3 looks like it’s being unpacked from a generic box, not one of the slick in-store boxes.

  • Tom

    I think you’re right Henning. Still its good to see that everything is finally beginning to take shape!

  • I still want one though! In my fantasy land the boxes are full of PS3s just waiting to be snapped up by eager gamers.

  • What a beauty! I wants it! 🙂

  • ehandlr

    Well if they are real…that means the production is well on the way..that makes me happy.

  • For some reason, on the eve of every Sony launch, it seems surreal. Seeing what appears to be final packaging helps me to appreciate that it’s just a little over a month away 🙂