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HDMI on 20GB PS3 Too! |

Last night’s keynote was a huge disappointment for me. I brought my laptop to my friend’s place where we were having a games night, connected up to his wireless LAN, and starting at 9pm EST I started checking for updates from Ken Kuturagi’s keynote speach.

What did he say? Nothing, nothing, and more nothing. Then at the very end, he does mention two small little tidbits.

One, the 20GB PS3’s price will be dropped in Japan only to 49,980 Yen (tax included). That’s about $428US, in case you’re wondering.

Two, all 20GB PS3’s (not just Japan, it seems) will now include an HDMI 1.3 interface (supporting deep colour).

At least it’s something. Hopefully we’re learn something about the PS3’s online capabilities, and this “mystery feature”, as TGS progresses.


  • According to another new source (Yahoo! I believe), sony lowered the price of the playstation 3 in japan to the equivalent of $410 US in order to compete with microsofts XBox360 + HD-DVD combo which costs $427 US. Perhaps Sony will revise pricing worldwide to match the offer and thus depending on microsofts price, put the ps3 (i assume it is the light ps3) right under the microsoft pricing range (premium + HD-DVD)

    Time will tell

  • Darrin

    Honestly, I don’t think Sony should drop the price in the U.S. Sure, people are complaining, but most of that is coming from Sony haters rather than actual fans who really want a PS3.

    Cutting the price would make Sony look like they made a mistake. Plus, I honestly think that the currently announced PS3 is a much better value than it’s nearest competition. I just hope they stick to the free online play and don’t gouge us as is rumored with GT:HD.

  • “mystery feature” ….. they better tell us before the Tokyo Game Show is over, lol.

  • PJ

    Henning…I am not up on this “mystery feature”…where did you hear about it and what do you know, if anything, about it?

  • Oh that. It was just a rumour going around that said that Sony was going to announce something big at TGS that they’ve never talked about before. But it came from several places, and seemed a reliable rumour.