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New Resistance Trailer |

I’m trying to avoid too many Resistance posts, just because the game has been so extensively profiled and previewed already. This game looks amazing, I’m sold, it’s definitely the PS3 game I’m most excited about this year, and I’m sure it will be the most popular.


But I can’t skip this. Insomniac released a new trailer and it’s amazing. It’s all gameplay footage and it looks so damn good. The weapons, the enemies, the level layouts, the graphics and animation: this looks absolutely amazing.

Resistance Trailer

  • babypheonix

    Awesom!!! This is nextgen We’ve been waiting for all along.

  • Yeah, I’m more amazed every time I see more gameplay video. I have a feeling I’ll be dreaming about this game at night, though!

    Aliens… monsters…. gaaaaaa!

    If you die in a dream, do you die in real life too?

  • Pc

    Man……This will deffinately be one of the best games ever played …im sure of it !!

  • Fonzo

    No, I;ve had to meany dreams were i “die” but i just wake up right before…i get thrown into lava, get shot in the head, get my head sliced off, hit the ground after im thrown of a plane, ( looked kinda kool tho) get stabbed in the heart, and for some reason, get eaten by my dog. Anyways the game look pretty cool. Its sure to be a hit, cant wait, but serisly $600 dollers for a PS3? course is sounds cool, but cant they just lower it… a little?