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TGS- PS3 Racing titles |

Wow, so much news today, so I think that enclosing all the racing titles into this one post makes sense (what with their been so many).

Firstly- Motorstorm
OK, some good news for those of you in the States, a few weeks back I speculated you might not be seeing this game… Well my speculation be damned! Firstly there is now a US website for the game, secondly it is claimed that the game will be ready for launch afterall. I’m not convinced by that as IGN charts it as only 60% complete, but we shall see… The game looks seriously impressive anyway (although it hasn’t reached E3 2005 levels it isn’t a million miles away), although some of the attendees have claimed it may be a little too slow and a little too light as of now- this could be down to the new controller however.
IGN videos

Ridge Racer 7
So… no 1080p games at 60fps… Well Namco didn’t get your memo Microsoft. Ridge Racer 7 is not only playable at the conference, but also 100% complete- it runs in 1080p at 60fps and whatsmore looks like (if not better) than the xbox360’s Ridge Racer 6 last year. The game offers the same arcade thrills and spills that you have to expect from the series. One video highlights the different cars and courses you can expect. This one shows a lap of gameplay against a full grid:

Gran Turismo:HD
I’ll cut to the chase here- this was covered a few days ago and not much new info has come around since. The video in question here is clearly from a fairly early build of Gran Turismo HD: Premium mode, whilst it might not look so good in embedded form I emplore you to look out for higher resolution videos. There isn’t much news about the handling yet, which implies that it is the same as GT4. Expect to hear more on this soon if it is to launch in December. According to IGN though the game is only 50% done. Better get your skates on Polyphony!

Formula 1 Champion Edition
It’s a real shame this F1 game seems to keep having an identity crisis with different names as so far it has been viewed as one of the games of TGS. It has delivered exactly what it set out to do from the beginning- Formula One racing- no odd strings attached. The game has received some pretty strong praise, with the only criticism been that it might be too easy. Of course the only mode available in the TGS build is easy though, so they really isn’t so bad afterall. The game looks as good as it did in the screenshots I posted earlier in the month. Check the wet pic to your right! Watch here as a driver around a wet Monaco circuit does a Schumacher 😉 Here is the full game trailer otherwise:

Microsoft may have soccer locked to the 360 in Europe, but Sony have the racing genre firmly in their hands!

  • And this list doesn’t even include Need for Speed: Carbon.

    Upcoming is Burnout 5 and Full Auto 2 as well. (And Fatal Inertia, if you count that.)

    Looks like the PS3 will be the racer’s platform. 4 of the above games are exclusives (including Fatal Inertia).

  • F1 looks fantastic. I used to love my F1 games on the PSone but haven’t played any since but I may be tempted. The only problem could be that when it’s released over in Europe won’t the new season be just around the corner meaning the game will have last season’s stats & drivers in the wrong teams etc?

    That may not bother some people but I’m obsessed with having certain games as real & as up to date as possible.

  • I also recommend people watch the videos more than once as they run more smoothly after you’ve watched them.

  • Yup Gary, F1 looks splendid… though I dont like these games that much…

    Maybe my brother may snatch it… If I consult him well 😀

  • This footage makes me drool 😀

  • Tom

    There’s some F1 footage of the Suzuka track in the wet to watch here:
    Seriously awseome stuff!

  • tom

    Hi cool site friends!