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Afrika TGS ’06 Video |

I don’t know what to make of this game, Afrika.

Is it a wildlife sim? Will you be a documentary/photographer hoping to capture incredible footage? Or will you be able to control the animals & hunt & roam the plains?

Or maybe it’s a FPS!!! 😆

Check out the awsome video from TGS below:

That is truly fantastic. The animals aren’t quite lifelike but they are look fantastic as does the environment and the beautiful sunset, but what’s it about!

Want to share any theories?

  • Will you be a documentary/photographer hoping to capture incredible footage?

    The jeep at the end does imply this one. You are definitly not a hunter (or you’d be a stupid one driving around in a red jeep :))

    This is the first ps3 title that got my girlfriend interested, she’s not racy or shooty 🙂

  • I agree with both you guys. Definitely think it’s going to be a safari adventure game. Think of the obstacles: the terrain, the weather, the wildlife, poachers & tribesmen!!

    We need a truly great adventure game in the old school type, like the games Raze has mentioned.

    I’m going to keep a close eye on this.

  • Pc

    Yeah, I’m kinda confused as to what type of game this might be…….Would be great if it’s actually an adventure game.

  • Raze

    1) That looks **** **** ace!

    2) I think it’s going to be an adventure/mystery game along the lines of Broken Sword or Dreamfall, rather than just a safari sim. There’ve been hints that you (possibly have to) play as multiple characters… what’s the point in that if it’s just about looking at animals? I think it’ll combine puzzle-solving with possibly photography, and exploration of open-ended environments.

  • I really consider looking closer at this game, after watching the trailer in HD…

    I mean, we dont have much of a wildlife in Germany (besides foxes and moles…), and I really like animals (have a dog and 4 turtoises).

    The graphics really shook me (those zebras!!) and the cheetah too.

    I like “just watching” graphics, if they are REALLY good and diverse.

  • Luke

    THIS…IS…AMAZING! Holy crap. i cant believe how life-like the animation was.The Cheetahs running, the Hippo’s mouth, just everything was amazing. My interest in this game has definitely risen.

  • Leo

    As an ecologist, a game like this has me very interested. Its obvious that the creators took a lot of time to animate the animals and their environments. I sure hope this is an a game of massive open environments where you see realistic inter-species interactions across time.

  • bunnyhero

    wow. beautiful. i can’t wait to see this!

  • Extra Terrestrial

    I honestly wouldn’t mind the game being a photography related experience where you have to capture images of certain events and animals.

    The graphics are just wonderful.

  • matt

    I would really like to know what this game is. The graphics are awesome, but they are not as good as Discovery Channel HD Theatre. I would never buy a game just for graphics and without gameplay this game doesn’t interest me. If it is an action adventure (maybe to save a wildlife refuge from poachers, tribes, big business then yes I would be interested. If it is some sort of photo sim I am saving my money.

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