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MGS4 TGS ’06 Video in Full |

Below you can now watch the full 6 minute MGS 4 video from TGS ’06 made up entirely of gameplay/in-game visuals.

Stunning! Absolutely stunning. Exactly what I was expecting from Kojima-san.


Was that a younger looking Snake at the end of the trailer that got pooed on or were my tired eyes deceiving me?

So many questions! Just a year to wait if all goes according to plan although based on past history don’t be surprised if MGS4 doesn’t appear until 2008.

I just hope Jason focuses his attention on somewhere other than Snake’s groin area…

  • Not great quality footage but it looks fantastic! The bit with the grenade is cool!

  • Red_H

    Hi there great site and thanks for the preview of the new MGS vid .

    Just to let you know that the 2nd Vid link is not correct …check it out ..

    Thanks again


  • Thanks for that Red_H.

    Strange. I dunno what happened to that link. 😐

  • The vid is dead…

  • Jay

    seems like the video is no longer available now

  • Jason

    Is it just me or is MGS getting more and more homoerotic? I’m starting to get tired of seeing the ol’ man prancing around in those skin tight stretchpants.

  • Homoerotic? Jeez, how do you come up with something like that?

    Ever played MGS3? Homoerotic eh?

    Now, the trailer is also available at, in much better quality.

    I am VERY psyched after this trailer!! It looks splendid, gameplaywise. Just imagine all the things you can do to camoflage yourself with the Octacamo!! And I think the “barrel roll” is done with the motion sensor 😀 At least, the the first thing that sprung my mind watching that!

    Or the crawling… Using motion sensing would ROCK.

    Finally a game (besides Lair, FF, Motorstorm and GT) that really knows how to make my heart pump (dont want to look at the dictionary to look for the right translation).

    Man… At least its only half a year off, after release!

  • Jason

    I know, the game looks fun. I’ve played them all but why does Snake need to wear a g-string over the stretchpants. And I can’t imagine their military advisor recomending that breakdance ‘worm’ maneuver. And then, that otacon bot electo-shocks the enemy soldier’s genitals. Come on.

    I have enough gay friends to know what’s going on.

  • Why were you staring at his groin in the first place, Jason?


  • Jason

    ah ha!

  • I think I’ll have to request a new laptop, I think I just shortcutted this one by drooling all over the keyboard.

  • Pc

    This game might just be one of the best selling games ever considering alot of people buy a PS3. I know i will have one come november !! 🙂 Some of the things you can do in this game are just crazy awesome !!!

  • Younger snake…

    I’ve read many many theories about that… And I think ALL I read were wrong (I solely read the Eurogamer and Gamespot ones)…

    I mean… Another clone would be a) too obvious and b) not nearly shocking enough for Kojimas style of storytelling. Snake himself “miracoulesly” anti aged (thru Nivea Ointments and whatnot??) somehow? Naa, would make too much of a sense…

    I think, this is the direct descendant of Big Boss… As he had a little intercourse with Tanya at the end of Metal Gear Solid 3. The date, which MGS4 takes place still is unknown, but we know 2 things, when the Virtous Mission and Operation Snake Eater (1964) and the Plant Chapter (2009) took place. Therefore, at that time, the “young Snake” would be 45 in MGS2… Now, that MGS4 takes place X years (X being a variable, not the roman ten), it is possible, that the young snake (at 55 or so…) could be this…

    I know, he’d be a bit old, to look that young, BUT! maybe Foxhound/Campell/Roy found out about this child (or even the patriots, thru Tanya/Eva) and genetically manipulated him to make him a) stronger and foremost b) give him longevity!

    OR, just came to it, MGS1, Snake and Meryl did have the chance to… you know… knick knack… We dont know that they did it, but it could well be possible (and maybe the same stuff as above applies).

    And now, Raiden…

    After the first time I played MGS2 I was more than disappointed the we “had” to play as him… I mean, he was sooo cool, that made him just uncool. I mean, just compare Snake and Raiden. Snake would kick his ass, even at old age in the timeframe of MGS4. First he was a Snake ripoff, now he’s a Grey Fox ripoff… I mean, come on Kojima, you can do better than THAT!

    Ok know… Still waiting a year for this diamond to be released… And in the meantime… Lair, FFXII and GTHD

  • Luke

    ^ even if snake and meryl did get it on, that kid would be like 12. i wonder if it has anything to do with how snake can apparently change his facial features. like how his cut on his face goes away in the begining. i like how snake can move on his back. and when he sneaks up on those guys and tosses the grenade was very cool. you could barely see him!

  • I hope the camera is fully 3D controllable this time.

    Segitz, you come up with some crazy theories! 😆

    Looks as though the storyline in MGS4 is going to be just as crazy as the previous games.


  • Well thank you Gary (I take that as a compliment!)