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Warhawk TGS ’06 Trailer |

Warhawk manages to both impress and disappoint in equal measures.

The sections where you are blasting enemy craft in the air look impressive but the on the ground sections still look tacked on and like they don’t belong.

Check out the video from TGS below and see for yourselves:

  • Warhawk is still a let down for me, the game fails to inspire me

  • I think, this game looks more and more bland…

    But as I am not much into such games, besides the Wing Commander series (because of the nice story), I wont be buying this game in the near future…

  • Chemical O

    Actually I think this could have great potential for multiplayer. If they pull it off. No game has ever really done ground and air combat fully, with both being of equal importance. I hope they can do it.

  • Darrin

    I’ll disagree. The ground combat adds depth to the world and the bigger picture battle and provide the sense of a grander scale. I hope they have real strategic elements mixed in with the action. The flying combat looks gorgeous.

    The big disappointment is it won’t be released until Summer 2007. I saw this coming because they avoided giving release dates. I’m glad they will give the developers proper time to complete this game. Plus, the 2006 holiday lineup is pretty busy as-is.