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Genji 2 TGS ’06 Trailer |

I like my action/adventure games. DMC, Onimusha, God of War etc so Genji 2 would be right up my street wouldn’t you think?

Well I’ll be honest and say although it looks a decent game it just doesn’t look like a must have purchase. The graphics really don’t look that great, with not a lot of variety in the combat and other games, DMC4 & possibly Ninja Gaiden Sigma, look like doing the genre justice, and not forgetting the possibility of Onimusha 4 on PS3.

Plus at possibly £40-£50 it just isn’t worth it.

Still I may pick it up if it was cheap enough way off in the future but you can check out the TGS Trailer for Genji 2 below and see for yourselves:

  • Tom

    It’s an odd one this. I’ve read people who were really impressed with this at TGS, giving it more credit than DMC4. Well between the queries about the absence of the authentic and historically accurate giant enemy crabs anyway 😉 . It looks very good and definitely show improvement from it’s E3 demo, but I still can’t help but think it looks more like a Dynasty Warriors than a Onimusha.

  • I’m a big Dynasty Warriors fan but I can see where you’re coming from saying it resembles DW more than Onimusha. The combat does lack a little bit of variety but there just isn’t the sheer numbers on screen enemies for you to slay.

    I doubt you can kill 1000s of stupid enemies in each stage like the DW games.

    I don’t know how people can praise Genji2 more than DMC4 :X

  • billyLo

    I’ll tell you why people were more impressed with this game than DMC4. I remember the director of DMC4 saying that the graphics in the TGS05 trailer were the “MINIMUM BAR” for the game. Well Genji, on the other hand, has made alot of improvement since the E3 showing. They’ve added motion blur which makes the game look a lot better. Gameplaywise they are both about what most people expected.