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Multiple PS3 Game Boxes & Art Revealed |

It looks as if PS3 boxes will be the same shape as BD boxes but clear instead of blue. You can check out the GT HD & Heavenly Sword box art & boxes here and Eye of Judgement’s box & box art here.

Here’s the Ridge Racer 7 box. You can see the clear plastic case.

SEGA have also released the box art for Full Auto 2: Battlelines which you can see below:

Full Auto 2: Battlelines Box Art

You can also see a collection of box/art images of Ridge Racer 7 here (scroll down), Resistance: Fall of Man box art here, Gundam: Target in Sight here and finally a whole bunch of PS3 games, including F1, MotorStorm & Everybody’s Golf 5, with boxes & box art here.

So what do you think of them?

I don’t like the clear plastic look. Looks a little bland for me. I’d prefer black or blue rather than clear plastic but that’s just me.


  1. Nya, I dunno Gary. The blue looks cool, but it may clash with the cover art. What if the publisher wants to have a really subtle colour scheme, and the box all around it screams in BRIGHT BLUE? It just won’t mesh.

    While not as interesting, I think the clear look is better for the games.

  2. I’d go for black then, just like the PS3. The clear look reminds me of the blank DVD cases we have over here.

  3. I actually like the clear plastic. I wouldn’t mind black either.

    I’m just extremely happy that those butt ugly bright blue bd cases are out of the picture

  4. ur both wrong they should silver

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