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Multiple PS3 Game Boxes & Art Revealed |

It looks as if PS3 boxes will be the same shape as BD boxes but clear instead of blue. You can check out the GT HD & Heavenly Sword box art & boxes here and Eye of Judgement’s box & box art here.

Here’s the Ridge Racer 7 box. You can see the clear plastic case.

SEGA have also released the box art for Full Auto 2: Battlelines which you can see below:

Full Auto 2: Battlelines Box Art

You can also see a collection of box/art images of Ridge Racer 7 here (scroll down), Resistance: Fall of Man box art here, Gundam: Target in Sight here and finally a whole bunch of PS3 games, including F1, MotorStorm & Everybody’s Golf 5, with boxes & box art here.

So what do you think of them?

I don’t like the clear plastic look. Looks a little bland for me. I’d prefer black or blue rather than clear plastic but that’s just me.

  • Nya, I dunno Gary. The blue looks cool, but it may clash with the cover art. What if the publisher wants to have a really subtle colour scheme, and the box all around it screams in BRIGHT BLUE? It just won’t mesh.

    While not as interesting, I think the clear look is better for the games.

  • I’d go for black then, just like the PS3. The clear look reminds me of the blank DVD cases we have over here.

  • I actually like the clear plastic. I wouldn’t mind black either.

    I’m just extremely happy that those butt ugly bright blue bd cases are out of the picture

  • rattaz

    ur both wrong they should silver