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New Poll: What did you think of TGS? |

Now that TGS is over, we have to have a poll about it! What did you think? As always, vote in the sidebar here at

What did you think of the Tokyo Games Show, 2006?

* Awesome!
* Great games, but no online details were revealed. Grrrr…
* Disappointing.

Last Poll Results:

How excited are you about TGS?

* Seams busting.: 61% (60)
* Seams barely intact.: 8% (8)
* S alright…: 22% (22)
* TGS?: 9% (9)

Total Votes : 99

  • It was great to see so many great games in playable form, and to get a glimpse of all those videos. But Ken’s keynote was bad. Where’s all the good online info? What about the “secret feature” ?

  • My views exactly. Once again a Sony press opportunity flatters to deceive.

    It’s a good job the games were well received.

  • Darrin

    Sony had a very strong showing and had all the important stuff. They had plenty of strong games that looked great and the hardware itself looked solid.

    But it was a little dull. There were no big surprises. The new announcements were good but not dazzling. I didn’t see the keynote but everyone said it was boring and technical when the audience really wanted shock and awe.

    But ultimately, I’m interested in PS3 as a product and platform. The keynote speeches, trade shows, and PR campaign are a distant second in importance.