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PS3 Link Love 25sep06 |

It’s hard to keep up with all the news doing the rounds since TGS ’06 started so here are a couple of interesting tidbits for you to nibble on:

Sony have apparantley got around 100 PS3 games in development. How many of those are sequels, prequels, re-makes & original IPs?

GamePro has done a list of the top 8 best looking games at TGS and 6 out of the 8 are PS3 games. Not really surprising considering Sony’s massive presence at TGS.

Fans of modding will be pleased to know that UT 2007 will support mods. Modding is very popular on PCs and Epic’s Tim Sweeney has confirmed that you will be able to create new levels & content on PCs then distribute them on to the PS3.

Check out a disappointing looking trailer for Fatal Inertia that lacks the speed famed by the WipEout series. Graphically it impresses but man it’s slow.

Finally there’s an impressive looking multi-player Warhawk video for your viewing pleasure. I’m still not sold on the ground sections though.

  • With a name like “Fatal Inertia”, I would have thought the game would play a lot faster than that. How can inertia be fatal at speeds like that? Pinto!

    Warhawk Ground Sections = BAD
    Warhawk SIXAXIS Flying = GOOD

  • I was really surprised at how slow Fatal Inertia was. I’ve seen faster Sloths dozed to the 9s on sleeping pills!

    They haven’t got a lot of time to increase the speed before it launches either.

    Why oh why do more and more games have to merge multiple genres!

    I’d rather a developer concentrated on one genre and get it as close to perfection as possible rather than include 2 or 3 extra genres to add more scope to the game even though it could end up damaging the gameplay & sales thanks to shoddy on-ground sections.

    Warhawk has been pushed back so maybe they’ve noticed the criticism and have decided to improve the non-flying parts of the game?

    Let’s hope so.

  • Thomas

    multi-player Warhawk video – http//

  • Luke

    Should it scare us that motor storm AND fatal inertia are “slow”???