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PS3 Games Priced at $59.99. Again |

Until Sony officially announces the price for PS3 games, rumours will continue to surface and disappear on a weekly basis but Sony Style (US) has priced PS3 games at $59.99 for pre-orders.

They also have some box art for a few of the games that they have made available for pre-order.

I’ve said it before but Sony would be on very dangerous ground to charge more than $59.99 for PS3 games. I will be very surprised and dissapointed if they did.

I’m already working out which games will be must have purchases & worth £40 and which games will have to be left to one side until they are at a more reasonable price, as £40 is still a lot of money to pay for games.

PS3 Games Priced at $59.99


  1. Prices have historically been more expensive than this for some consoles. While $60 is a lot, I’ll pay it for AAA games. Otherwise I’ll be rooting through the used-game bin.

  2. Mind you, in Germany, the PS2 games ALREADY were 60€!

    Now, looking at EBGames or some other retailers, they are priced 70€.

    All including taxes of course.

    I really CANT say, that I am happy with that. I mean, the price of the console is a 1:1 conversion, the games are priced nearly 16% higher in comparison.

    But I am again pleased with the EU, that we can import anything without dutys (except cigs, alcohol and freakin perfume!). If a were a Brit, I’d always import games, as I mainly do it (in Germany too, and our games are mostly cheaper, mostly).

  3. I buy most of my games second hand at a retail shop. Most of the time the second hand booth contains shitty games, but every once and a while you can find a AAA title which costs 20€ less because some guy played it for a bit. My latest acquisition is Shinobido for PS2 which I bought for 35€ instead of the more general 55€.

    If I were a Brit I’d be very carefull to import games from Germany, since a lot of Germans are real slackers when it comes to reading and comprehending English (present company obviously excluded). A lot of games get localised with stupid and just bad voices and half assed translations. I own several games that prove this (I have lived in Germany for a couple of years for my work).

    If the price were to be 59.99€ it would mean a 4.99€ raise, which is something that I’m still willing to pay for if I really want the game.

  4. I’ve never imported and I don’t really ever plan on importing.

    I dunno, I just like to go into a shop pick up the case, look at it and have it in my hands there and then. Plus if it’s faulty I just need to pop back to the shop and get it exchanged or refunded.

  5. $59.99 for games is nothing. $50 ten years ago was actually more when you think about inflation. I can’t believe people are so mad at the $60 price tag. For the amount of value that you can get out of a game the price is worth it.

    I also NEVER buy used games. Why? Developers get none of that money. So in some instances they have 2 million people play the game (purchased, rented, used) and they only sold 400,000 copies. If I like a game I usually wouldn’t mind a sequel but if the sales aren’t their they won’t make it. The more moeny they make the more they have to put into a sequel. I would rather pay the usual $5 more to purchase the new version.

  6. Well if you can afford to buy every game that you like at full price then great for you but some people don’t have that luxury. There’s around a £10 difference between new & pre-owned games over here in the UK but that differs depending on how new the game in question is.

    Simply put if I can get a game for £20 or £30 and I really want that game I’ll go for the £20 choice every time.

    The only time I pay full price for a game is if it’s a game that I really want or that I know 100% I’ll keep and play again & again & there isn’t many games that fall into the latter’s category.

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