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PS3 Games Priced at $59.99. Again |

Until Sony officially announces the price for PS3 games, rumours will continue to surface and disappear on a weekly basis but Sony Style (US) has priced PS3 games at $59.99 for pre-orders.

They also have some box art for a few of the games that they have made available for pre-order.

I’ve said it before but Sony would be on very dangerous ground to charge more than $59.99 for PS3 games. I will be very surprised and dissapointed if they did.

I’m already working out which games will be must have purchases & worth £40 and which games will have to be left to one side until they are at a more reasonable price, as £40 is still a lot of money to pay for games.

PS3 Games Priced at $59.99

  • Prices have historically been more expensive than this for some consoles. While $60 is a lot, I’ll pay it for AAA games. Otherwise I’ll be rooting through the used-game bin.

  • Mind you, in Germany, the PS2 games ALREADY were 60€!

    Now, looking at EBGames or some other retailers, they are priced 70€.

    All including taxes of course.

    I really CANT say, that I am happy with that. I mean, the price of the console is a 1:1 conversion, the games are priced nearly 16% higher in comparison.

    But I am again pleased with the EU, that we can import anything without dutys (except cigs, alcohol and freakin perfume!). If a were a Brit, I’d always import games, as I mainly do it (in Germany too, and our games are mostly cheaper, mostly).

  • I buy most of my games second hand at a retail shop. Most of the time the second hand booth contains shitty games, but every once and a while you can find a AAA title which costs 20€ less because some guy played it for a bit. My latest acquisition is Shinobido for PS2 which I bought for 35€ instead of the more general 55€.

    If I were a Brit I’d be very carefull to import games from Germany, since a lot of Germans are real slackers when it comes to reading and comprehending English (present company obviously excluded). A lot of games get localised with stupid and just bad voices and half assed translations. I own several games that prove this (I have lived in Germany for a couple of years for my work).

    If the price were to be 59.99€ it would mean a 4.99€ raise, which is something that I’m still willing to pay for if I really want the game.

  • I’ve never imported and I don’t really ever plan on importing.

    I dunno, I just like to go into a shop pick up the case, look at it and have it in my hands there and then. Plus if it’s faulty I just need to pop back to the shop and get it exchanged or refunded.

  • matt

    $59.99 for games is nothing. $50 ten years ago was actually more when you think about inflation. I can’t believe people are so mad at the $60 price tag. For the amount of value that you can get out of a game the price is worth it.

    I also NEVER buy used games. Why? Developers get none of that money. So in some instances they have 2 million people play the game (purchased, rented, used) and they only sold 400,000 copies. If I like a game I usually wouldn’t mind a sequel but if the sales aren’t their they won’t make it. The more moeny they make the more they have to put into a sequel. I would rather pay the usual $5 more to purchase the new version.

  • Well if you can afford to buy every game that you like at full price then great for you but some people don’t have that luxury. There’s around a £10 difference between new & pre-owned games over here in the UK but that differs depending on how new the game in question is.

    Simply put if I can get a game for £20 or £30 and I really want that game I’ll go for the £20 choice every time.

    The only time I pay full price for a game is if it’s a game that I really want or that I know 100% I’ll keep and play again & again & there isn’t many games that fall into the latter’s category.