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“Sony delivered” |

1UP put together a gigantic 30 minute TGS video. And the conclusion?

Now that we are seeing that they have their shit together. The lineup is there. They have top quality games. The hardware is good. It’s undeniable… Sony delivered.

I couldn’t agree more. For me, TGS was a little predictable, but they demonstrated what was really important. They had many solid, playable, nearly complete games, and the hardware looks great.

The show overall was really good. The commentary was very interesting and they showed lots of gameplay footage that I hadn’t seen elsewhere.

1UP TGS Show

  • Martin Hansen

    Yeah, that video was worth it, but the really good part is at the end. Sony certainly delivered. But I would say Sony has to deliver in one more aspect: Online. I have always been worried about this, thinking that Sony is a hardware company, and doesn’t have that much experience with software. And competing with MS which is THE software company.

    But I realized that that’s not true. Sony is a hardware AND software company, they produce dozens of 1st party games. And I really like the way they open the web, enabling people to browse the internet, something that you can’t do on a 360. It shouldn’t be a closed network.

    So I think Sony will deliver online too.

  • I don’t think that Sony delivered completely. Mr. K. Kutaragi said (at E3 I believe) that there are more things to be revealed about the PS3. I’m reffering to the mystery feature that will blow us away.

    He didn’t reveal anything and I think TGS was the perfect time to do so. As I posted on my blog it is possible that he in fact did reveal it, but noone was impressed about it to mention it.

    I really hope he just hasn’t revealed it yet.

    In my eyes Sony partially delivered, but not completely.

  • bunnyhero

    i agree. i’m feeling a lot more positive about the PS3 than i was before TGS.

  • Darrin

    Yes, I can’t wait to hear the mystery feature either.

    It would be nice to hear more online details, but compared to their other development challenges, online community features seem much smaller.

  • Luke

    wow. that just made me feel SOOOO much better about the ps3. all the negativity lately had me kinda down on it, but after hearing them say that was a relief.

  • matt

    I would still like some online details. Also, MS can open up Xbox Live to developers (they did for Square-Enix with FFXI). It is not a closed system, but it is very protected from the general internet (which I think is much, much better). Why in the hell would you want to surf the web from your PS3? A PC is a million times better/easier. That is a useless feature to me. I would just hope that someone doesn’t target the PS3 and hack in with a virus. That is why MS has a closed system.

    Overall we got what we wanted in the box. I refuse to pay $600 for the system but might pick it up when the price comes down. I also have to have a great online system and I really want to see what the PS3 offers.