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Wii versus PS3 at Amazon Japan | has an article about how many PS3’s and Wii’s are being pre-ordered at the Japanese website, and I find it just a tad interesting.

The Wii has more interest than the 60GB PS3, but when you combine the two versions of the PS3 together, the reservations for all PS3’s zooms way ahead of Wii reservations.

Normally I wouldn’t care much, except for the fact that people keep saying that Wii is the dark horse that’s going to take the next-gen console market by surprise. (Although I don’t see how it can be a surprise if everyone’s talking about it.) But according to Amazon, right now the PS3 is what is garnering more interest.

The next-gen console war: what Amazon Japan can see

  • I can’t see the Wii impacting much on PS3 or 360 sales.

    I still see it as something you will play every now & again when you have friends/family over and not as your main console of choice.

    I’m not at all interested in buying it.

  • Mephy

    See, the thing about a “dark horse” victory is that you don’t get the luxury of seeing it coming. By the time you notice it, it’s already there.
    I’m pretty sure that the DS/PSP pre-order chart looked quite similar, with DS falling behind PSP… and we all know how that played out.