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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion PS3 confirmed |

As you may have picked up from the quick notes on the right hand side of this page, the latest RadiOPM podcast has confirmed their “secret November edition cover game” to be a port of the highly rated xbox360 and PC title The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The xbox360 and PC versions are both extremely popular and highly rated within the gaming community- gamerankings gives the title an average score of 94% with a similarly high user rating of 9.3/10 (both the top scores for any 360 title currently available) so to simply dismiss this as minor news would be folly.

The first PS3 screenshot is below:

Oblivion PS3

Whilst the screenshot may look pretty similar it has been rumoured this game has received a graphical tune-up from the original release 7 months ago. Even then though, if you are not a fan of graphical prowess and are looking for something more substantial you are in luck! The game is expected to feature an extra quest- supposedly 10-20 hours long and a new faction- “The Knights of the Nine”, who, for those who have played the game, are the opposite of The Dark Brotherhood; the reason for their inclusion is to offer balance to the game and give more incentives to play as good guy.

The game is due for release on launch day.

It has also been revealed that a variant of Oblivion, with a different setting but similar playability, is in development for the PSP.

1Up story and screenshots.

  • Pc

    Hell yeah…..I’ll be picking up this game once again it looks like since i never beat the whole thing on 360 !!! I love better graphics 🙂

  • Hmm…

    secret title eh?

    I am a bit confused! Really… Didnt they say, it was NEVER HEARD OF? I mean, I already heard plenty of Oblivion, because I played it on the PC!!

    I mean, If they manage to fill up the BD ROM with nice textures, I MAYBE buy it, but only maybe (just rented the PC version for a quick check, if my PC’d run it properly, which it didnt too well on nice settings).

    This is a nice opportunity for those whose PCs cant run it and dont have a 360.

  • fleakitten

    Not that exicited about Oblivion myself. I see the PS3 getting a ton of 360 ports.

  • Chemical O

    This game is great, I have played it on the 360 ands it one of my favorites. I recommend it to anyone getting a ps3 at launch. Frankly its the best rpg this year for any system.

  • I’ll definitley be getting this. My friend has been raving about it ever since he got it for his PC and practically everyone that has played raves about it.

    The PS3 launch is going to break a trend come November with a great selection of games available at launch or not long after.

  • francois

    This is good news for those who haven’t played that game before. I have it on PC and it is excellent.

  • matt

    This is a great game. I played it for 130 hours and completed about 99% of the game. I have held onto it because I plan on playing it again in a few more months. This is one of the best RPGs that I have ever played and you guys should definately pick it up. The best $60 I have spent in a while.