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New Assassin’s Creed Video |

Yesterday at Microsoft’s X06 event, Ubisoft showed off a truly breathtaking new video of Assassin’s Creed which is made up entirely of in-game visuals which shows Altair making his way through the city, scouting out his would be victim before making his way through the crowd, taking out his ‘mark’ and making his escape.

The video below is showing actual gameplay of Assassin’s Creed running on the 360 with the beautiful Jade Raymond talking us through what’s going on:


That is so amazing I’m speechless, so it’s a good job I’m talking with my fingers!

The way Altair moves through the crowd is the way I do (turning sideways to avoid bumping in to people) unless I’m in an aggressive mood of course. Altair looks so fluid and easy to control and the way he interacts with his surroundings is incredible.

This is now my no.1 “must have” purchase!!

  • Raze

    It does indeed look absolutely fantastic. Can’t wait!

  • Okay, I’ve just been converted to single-player games!

  • coolbreze06

    OMG!!! I already have this game preordered!! I was excited about Heavenly Sword for this genre of game, but now thisiis #1!!!

  • coolbreze06

    OMG!!! I already have this game preordered!! I was excited about Heavenly Sword for this genre of game, but now thisiis #1!!!

  • You can see the Prince of Persia influences but everything is more realistic and just plain incredible!

    I just hope it isn’t spoilt with a crazy time travel storyline or some other weird story.

  • Okay…that looks cool. Much better than the video posted up on Xbox Live Marketplace yesterday.

    The game is really Thief, Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia rolled into one.

    I just hope the game isn’t so linear. Sure you can crawl all over the place, but if you’re only goal is point A to point B…it’ll get old fast.

    It’s a game I’ll watch but not on my must have list… yet.

  • Tom

    This game looks really good, launch day title in Europe (probably 😉 ). I hope it doesn’t get tied up in its storyline too much. I’ve heard weird, odd things about it… but I won’t spoil it for the rest of you.

  • ehandlr

    The game looks awesome…still concerned with the storyline….I mean even though you see it as medievel..apparently the entire game and its 2 sequals already planned are futuristic…this is rumored to be a computer generated dream or something like that.

  • A slightly higher quality version:

    Choose “X06 Onstage Demonstration”

  • coolbreze06

    ahhh…that looks so much better..Thanks Henning!

  • That’s a must have for me now ….. wow. That’s looks like a killer game!

  • Pc

    I don’t understand why this game hasn’t been seen running on the SUPERIOR PS3 !!!???? Why the 360 ???

  • ehandlr

    Nobody said it wasn’t running on the PS3…it just was only demo’d on the 360.

  • Just watched the video on GameTrailers. Absolutely stunning.

    This is what next-gen is all about.

    Did anyone else notice the screen at the end when Altair died which Jade said she couldn’t talk about right now?

    One of the boxes said memories…

    Definitely looks like time travel could be a theme of the game. I think Raze has an opinion on it that he would like to share with us all. When he has time 😆

  • PJ

    Wow….this is a must buy. I will be getting this for my 360 day one. Xbox Live co-op maybe? THAT would be awesome.