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PS3 Games Completion Percentage |

Famitsu has a comprehensive list of PS3 games and how far they are towards 100% completion. None are at 100% despite them saying Ridge Racer 7 was only last week. Here’s the list in full:

Fatal Inertia: 90%
Gundam Target in Sight: 80%
Ridge Racer 7: 80%
Resistance: 80%
Armored Core 4: 80%
Sonic the Hedgehog: 80%
Sega Golf Club, Sega: 70%
Virtua Fighter 5: 70%
Enchant Arm: 70%
Need for Speed Carbon: 70%
Genji: 70%
The Eye of Judgment: 70%
Heavenly Sword: 65%
Mahjong Fight Club: 60%
Gran Turismo HD: 60%
Formula One Championship: 60%
MotorStorm, SCE: 60%
Bladestorm: 60%
Lair: 50%
Virtua Tennis 3: 50%
Coded Arms Assault: 40%
Afrika: 30%
Hot Shots Golf 5: 30%
Railfan: 30%
Wangan Midnight: 30%
Monster Kingdom Unknown Realms: 30%
White Knight Story: 10%

Fatal Inertia is at 90% so that doesn’t bode well for it’s lack of speed. I thought White Knight was 30% now it’s down to 10%. That makes it’s showing at TGS even more impressive.

There’s a good chance all the games at 60% and above will be ready in time for the European launch plus a few others that aren’t mentioned in the list.

PS3 Games Completion Percentage List

  • These numbers can’t be right! Do you know how long it takes to polish off the last 10% of a software product? At this rate, we’ll have no games for launch!

  • Hehe… 70% for NFS…

    Well, that game was over 50% done before it even started 😀

    Man, I really dislike EA !!

    But hearing from Xboxxers, Sega should really redo its controls, as its being said it controls really bad. Did anyone play Shadow the Hedgehog? I hope its not THAT bad!

    Motorstorm 60%? That wont make it to launch I guess, does it? Maybe for me (Europe)

  • Usually the game is done at 85% and the rest of that is bug fixing and game balancing. Though very little actually changes at very late stages. However textures and sounds are often replaced with higer/lower quality versions, depending on the game current size.

  • fleakitten

    Heavenly Sword has been in development for nearly 3 years and it’s only 65% complete >.>?

  • Pc

    Damn….I hope this list isn’t exactly correct !!! I will be sad come November… 🙁 I have high hopes and think everything will be fine.

  • matt

    This list cannot be right. How do they come up with this anyway?

  • I dunno how they come up with the percentages. Maybe they ask the developers.