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For those of you who many not have noticed, or for those of you who read only the RSS headlines, I thought I’d point out that recently I’ve added some new features to

  1. First, I added something in the sidebar which shows the top commenters. The plugin documentation for that says that you have to be logged in for the comments to register, but Segitz says that he found his comments were registered even without being a member. Ah well. I don’t know what to say. Except that if you want to make sure your comments are registered in the “top commenters” contest, I suggest you get an account here. You don’t need to log in every time – we have cookies for that! As a matter of fact, I rarely have to log in at all, so it’s easy!
  2. Speaking of having to log in, the new Live Shoutbox in the sidebar definitely requires you to log in before using it. That’s to prevent spammers from making a mess of it, but I’m sure that eventually they’ll get to it anyway. Anyway, the Live Shoutbox is a lot of fun – give it a try!
  3. Lastly, I added a star rating system. You can give your opinion on every post by giving it a star rating from one to five. This is done on the individual post’s page (won’t show up on the main page) to help speed up rendering of the main page. With this feature, you can have a say about what we write! While you’re at it, you can click here to rate this article!

I hope you enjoy the new features, I spend a a lot of seconds installing them! Don’t forget that we also have a poll in the sidebar, so please vote! Not enough of you are doing that! Tsk tsk. Now, back to your previously scheduled PS3 programming.

  • As I said, I just YESTERDAY registered, and I couldnt possibly write 43 comments till now, could I?

    Man, this site grows 😀 I am pretty fond of you Henning!! Maybe WE will become the official site for PS3 news 😀 Who knows…

  • What about me, Segitz? 😥

    I love the new features as they add a bit more personality to the regular posters who bother to comment on here.

  • Cool, I’ve registered. Good job on the site by the way. I check this site daily for PS3 news. Keep up the great work.

  • nice post, thx for sharing it